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So if you say, dirig-kur-s^elizabeth, you are claiming ‘beyond the individuals mountains’. Brand new kur-s^elizabeth in cases like this ways ‘those slopes there contained in this view’, therefore the presenter says ‘exceeding otherwise higher than people mountains there’.

Also, a prevalent Middle East ancestry of your own modern society of the marshes of southern area Iraq implies that if the Marsh Arabs is actually descendants of your ancient Sumerians, plus the Sumerians was basically probably autochthonous and not out of Indian or South Asian ancestry

>I am composing a magazine on God, to possess a viewpoint classification. I am trying to show >your creation tale was a narrative about the birth out-of just one, each and >every one of all of us try our very own Jesus. You will find see each one of Zecharia Sitchin’s instructions >and you may accept that just what he published will be correct, however, I believe that the bodily >world is a representation of our own cumulative internal otherwise religious world. I am >interested from how you will translate – Nibiru. I have tried personally their dictionary and you will >additional of them and you will Sitchin means it as “The planet regarding crossing”. I get >globally otherwise part of the body however the new crossing. In my opinion one perhaps it offers >something to manage having a turning down of one’s actual so you can equivalent the latest spiritual. >You are going to you to definitely getting probable?

The fresh new Sumerians were wise throughout the moral and you may important inquiries, however, I don’t believe that these were since abstract as you are being. Neberu is an enthusiastic happn pÅ™ihlášení Akkadian phrase, maybe not a beneficial Sumerian word. It known a river crossing, ford, otherwise an excellent ferry (boat). The city of Nippur are probably located at including a location. The world Jupiter, and this we all know is afterwards titled Neberu, belonged toward captain goddess on Babylonian pantheon, Marduk. Do not has actually evidence, but before it could have belonged towards the Sumerian Enlil, the temple goodness away from Nippur and you can master deity regarding Sumerian pantheon. You will find a chance one to Neberu together with regarded the new North Star. The newest Sumerians had a tendency to enterprise what they know on earth on to brand new heavens.

>I’m looking for a professional from the Sumerian vocabulary who will >verify or debunk Zechariah Sitchin’s states from Sumerian interpretation. As the >much as i can tell, nobody that have good scholarly and you can legitimate history has actually >previously confirmed or declined his claims.

>Their seven books about the fresh new Annunaki have remaining unchallenged >consistently. When you are not really acquainted with his really works, it is their contention >one to sumerian messages find out if the human competition are naturally altered >in order to provider an exceptional extraterrestrial competition known as annunaki.

The fresh Sumerians didn’t have a word for faith, once the worshipping brand new gods at its temples are basic on the life.

Overall our very own results indicate that the introduction of liquid buffalo reproduction and grain agriculture, most likely about Indian sandwich-region, merely marginally inspired new gene pool out of autochthonous people of the fresh new part

Obviously, it is hard for a reputation due to their faith, after they do not have a term to possess religion.

Not likely. They demonstrated themselves since the black colored-lead some body additionally the publication from the Cavalli-Sforza mais aussi al., The historical past and you may Geography regarding Peoples Genetics, means that its modern day descendants will be individuals of Kuwait.

Postscript extra examination of the new DNA from 1ple from Iraqi control started to the next findings: “Proof genetic stratification ascribable with the Sumerian invention try offered because of the Y-chromosome analysis in which the J1-Page08 department shows a local extension, almost modern to the Sumerian City state several months you to characterized South Mesopotamia. As well, a more ancient records shared with North Mesopotamia is actually revealed by this new faster depicted Y-chromosome descent J1-M267*. ” “Wanting the new genetic footprints away from Sumerians: a survey from Y-chromosome and you can mtDNA version about Marsh Arabs of Iraq”, Nadia Al-Zahery1, med A good Hamod23, Baharak Hooshiar Kashani1, Anna Olivieri1, Antonio Torroni1, Augusta S Santachiara-Benerecetti1 and you may Ornella Semino, BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011, .


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