She attempted to let your with his love life

Ashleigh rented Fisher since ZBZ hasher.  They to start with left its relationship a key, even so they sooner or later generated the relationships public. Fisher and you can Rebecca kissed at an event and she bankrupt with him.  Ashleigh provided your a moment chance. Ashleigh dumped him since he then cheated on her behalf again.

Pete was a keen Omega Chi cousin one Ashleigh satisfied when Omega Chi and you can ZBZ teamed right up on the Greek softball event. She are doubtful off Pete, immediately following their ex-spouse, Natalie, tried to encourage the girl you to definitely Pete cheated for her. Ashleigh perform know Natalie was sleeping. It broke up having unknown factors.

Simon Segel

Ashleigh is at very first reluctant to enter a romance which have Simon on account of him becoming a dad therefore the ages difference in them. She broke up with him because the he questioned the lady to accomplish when he need due to the fact he purchased things on her.

Rusty Cartwright

Ashleigh: “Might earn some girl happy, Rusty Cartwright.” Ashleigh: “Nerds build higher boyfriends. He’s comedy. He is wise and loyal. And additionally they is also target any high tech need. Which includes your, Rusty Cartwright.”

Ashleigh at first had no proven fact that Rusty actually resided right until he stumbled on CRU on account of Casey telling this lady one to she try a just kid once they were freshmen. Soon Casey carry out begin having Rusty ask Ashleigh on the suggestions of intercourse given that she is actually too shameful throughout the talking about her brother’s sexual life. Ashleigh advised Rusty that women will enjoy a solely sexual relationship everything people is also, whenever Rusty is Tina’s “fun buddy”.

Later when Rusty tells Ashleigh that KT spring season official is terminated and exactly how excited he was for it just like the he missed his senior high school prom, she informed him to get to the latest ZBZ spring season official and open to come across him a date. When Ashleigh didn’t discover him a date, she took him as this lady go out. She got annoyed that have your and experienced embarrassing immediately following Rusty leftover putting their sleeve doing the girl to show which he wasn’t towards a pity day. She is actually a great deal more insights immediately following the guy informed her you to Evan advised your he are a pity time. Enjoying Evan and you will Frannie laughing in the your, Ashleigh kissed Rusty and Rusty dipped the lady and you may kissed the girl once more. Whenever Rusty got the lady family, the guy jokingly mentioned that it might never really works among them because she is Casey’s closest friend. Ashleigh kissed him for the cheek and you can told him you to definitely anybody who the guy ends up that have will be really happy.

Ashleigh and Rusty getting actually nearer if they have an identical purchases classification along with her when you look at the 2nd session away from the girl elder season and his awesome sophomore season. She first had good ZBZ technical public auction to help him rating a female in their class. Something did not end better, when he generated a joke on taking two women, and this reminded the girl out-of Fisher. She crappy mouthed your to all or any people at auction. She would apologize later on. She after helps Rusty choose between are having Dana or Katherine.

Immediately following graduating, Rusty gets Ashleigh a cab whistle as she’ll This new York. Calvin watched it because first manifestation of Rusty development romantic attitude to possess Ashleigh. After Ashleigh returns so you can CRU and has a struggle with Casey, she visits Rusty’s flat since she had no where to wade. She informed a very drunk Rusty about how precisely she felt that things is wrong together once the she would not get a job and how she was provided being having Simon only because the guy might take proper care of the girl. Rusty told her you to definitely she’ll carry out amazing things together lives given that she is an individual magnet and other people is keen on her. She kisses Rusty, however, concludes immediately after the guy yells whenever she suits his has just pierced nipple, hence produced their discover which she’s kissing. Rusty manage blackout and completely forget about the hug. She believed being in a love which have your, however, Rebecca informed their against it. The 2 create feel roommates because of the girl struggle with Casey. To the Calvin’s twenty-first birthday celebration, Rusty determined which they kissed and you can encountered her regarding it, claiming he believed there is something between the two. After talking to Casey, which told her one to she can not be associated with him unless of course she’s clear on this lady feelings; Ashleigh informs your that there surely is nothing between the two and she kissed your since she is actually drunk. On show finale, just after Rusty gave Ashleigh a name dish on her behalf dining table, Calvin pointed out that he however had thoughts on her behalf. Calvin upcoming told Ashleigh throughout the Rusty’s attitude and she acknowledge one to she continues to have ideas for him, however, won’t operate in it because of the girl promise in order to Casey. Later, after Casey offered her blessing, Ashleigh moved away from Rusty’s flat and you will accepted the woman attitude to help you him. The two kissed and you will turned into a couple.

Having winter season split drawing near, Ashleigh the rest of ZBZ need to deal with the effects of blog post adding how to hookup in Akron treasures into the Greek system published by Jen K. When Tegan Walker, a real estate agent away from Nationals, comes, Frannie urges men and women to help you lie so you can the lady if you’re Casey desires to come tidy and give Tegan the outcome. She’d afterwards assist Casey talk with Tegan covertly with the intention that Casey you may share with Tegan the scenario. Ashleigh in addition to gets Calvin to aid the girl fix right up a gross hotel place as the Travis is originating to visit the woman. Afterwards, Calvin comes back so you can space to see exactly how high Ashleigh generated it lookup. She tells Calvin you to definitely Travis isn’t future since the she broke with your into the mobile phone. She then says to him that he renders their feel special and you can attempts to hug your. Calvin backs out and you may tells the lady that he’s gay. She gets furious and you will accuses Calvin out of sleeping to her the newest whole time they’ve identified each other and you can storms out.


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