In the same volume in which Heckert ( 2002 ) called and you will revealed “R”

A right quadratojugal destroyed its dorsal techniques (UCMP 195219; Contour 14e) is nearly similar in shape to this out of Roentgen

Nearly all demonstrated pearly whites away from Krzyzanowskisaurus hunti out-of UCMP 7308 already been of community amount CLC 36/8 (UCMP 139564 so you can 139,575), apart from one to tooth from CLC (UCMP 139563). hunti, Heckert and you will Lucas ( 2002b ) revealed

fifty short square osteoderms from the same locality, assigning them to juveniles of your own aetosaur Calyptosuchus wellesi. Since indexed from the Irmis, Parker, et al. ( 2007 ), such osteoderms (Data 14i, j) is indistinguishable of the ones from R. callenderi. All of the specimens enjoys an elevated anterior bar and you may faintly incised generally spread game pitting with a random plan, a characteristics state combination otherwise book to R. callenderi. According to research by the related and you can articulated specimens out of Roentgen. callenderi out-of PEFO, the previous are paramedian osteoderms throughout the rear cervical, dorsal, and you may anterior caudal aspects of the human body, whereas the second morphology is one of the a great deal more distal caudal part of your armour carapace. A few of the osteoderms demonstrated by the Heckert and you can Lucas ( 2002b ) possess the exact same industry count because the Krzyzanowskisaurus hunti teeth, CLC thirty-six/8.

In the investigating uncatalogued situation out of locality UCMP 7308, Irmis, Parker, mais aussi al. ( 2007 ) and additionally known a couple of cranial issue referable so you can Revueltosaurus away from occupation area CLC thirty-six/8, an around over leftover squamosal (UCMP 165205; Shape 14g) (mistakenly noted because the a right squamosal in Irmis, Parker, mais aussi al., 2007 ), and you can a limited quadrate (UCMP 165206; Figure 14f). The brand new squamosal (UCMP 165205) was just like a comparable ability kept on the PEFO Roentgen. callenderi specimens; it’s triradiate, having a more impressive anterior procedure that broadens anteriorly, and you may brief however, line of posterodorsal and you may posteroventral processes. Instance Roentgen. callenderi, brand new dorsolateral facial skin are sculptured; that it sculpturing are bounded medially by a definite ridge one models new apk indir horizontal edge of one’s supratemporal fossa. No matter if nearly the same as aetosaurs, one another UCMP 165205 and you will Roentgen. callenderi squamosals try proportionally wider and faster as compared to exact same element for the aetosaurs (elizabeth.grams., Desojo & Baez, 2007 ; Schoch, 2007 ; Brief, 2002 ; Sulej, 2010 ). The latest remote partial quadrate (UCMP 165206) can’t be formally known Revueltosaurus as the quadrate regarding Roentgen. callenderi does not provides one autapomorphies, but it is identical in shape and you may morphology so you can recognized instances of your own aspect in Roentgen. callenderi, and you can shares with this taxon an increased medial condyle and you can straight positioning. In contrast, aetosaur quadrates is established anteroventrally (e.g., Desojo & Baez, 2007 ; Schoch, 2007 ; Brief, 2002 ; Sulej, 2010 ).

Heckert and Lucas ( 2002b ) understood two osteoderm morphotypes: people who are large than simply a lot of time, which they interpreted because paramedian osteoderms, and those that are more than broad, which they interpreted given that horizontal osteoderms

Further study of uncatalogued point out-of UCMP 7308 by the writers has shown more skeletal matter more than likely referable so you can Krzyzanowskisaurus hunti (Data 14c–g), as well as but one among these elements are regarding profession urban area CLC 36/8 (the only exemption are parietal UCMP 195227, out of CLC –80). A very nearly done remaining postorbital (UCMP 195217; Shape 14d) is nearly same as regarding Roentgen. callenderi and you will is different from other archosauriforms (e.grams., Nesbitt, 2011 : figs. seven, 8, 11), along with aetosaurs, in having a somewhat short jugal process that try associated with the new squamosal processes by a broad online out-of slim, a bit ornamented limbs. A few anterior portions from left parietals (UCMP 195227 and you may 195228) is in place of the seemingly wide, flat condition of all archosaurs (e.grams., Nesbitt, 2011 : figs. 8, 11), and you may give R. callenderi a narrow straight figure one broadens somewhat on the front articular body, and contains a decreased median ridge, and a thin, dorsally-high ridge with the lateral margin you to boundaries the supratemporal fenestra (Profile 14c). callenderi, such as the autapomorphic v-formed articular position on the jugal, although it lacks the brand new hefty ornamentation into horizontal epidermis out-of specimens out of PEFO. This new distal percentage of a great humerus (UCMP 165207; Contour 14h) and two cervical vertebrae (UCMP 195222) can’t be officially labeled Revueltosaurus centered on apomorphies, however they are just like an identical elements from Roentgen. callenderi and don’t satisfy the morphology out-of almost every other archosauriform taxa identified out of this website (we.elizabeth., An effective. geoffreyi and you can V. campi).


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