Do not try this method with a zipper fly, as it age the dildo/dick and cause it to tear

1. If you are wearing button-fly pants, you can button the fly snugly around the base of the dildo/dick to hold it in place (some dildos/dicks are better suited for this than others, depending on the width of the base). If you also place the dick through the fly of your boxer shorts or briefs and then through the fly of the pants, this will add extra stability.

2. Wear two or three pairs of briefs and bring the shaft of the dildo/dick through each successive fly front. The disadvantage of this method is that it may be very warm and bulky. Wearing a looser pair of boxer shorts over the briefs can mask the appearance of the briefs and give more natural, less bunched look.

Choosing a Harness For optimal control of motion and so that you may move vigorously during sex, a harness is your best bet

3. Certain specially-made, prosthetic dicks can be attached directly to the skin using medical-grade adhesive; this should only be done with prostheses that have been designed specifically for such use.

When looking for a harness to go with your hard packer, it is important to find one that fits both your body and the dildo/dick. This is of particular importance if you have chosen a dildo/dick with balls. Some harnesses are less compatible with balls; you should inquire about the best choice in harness for the dick you have chosen.

Harness fit and effectiveness will also depend on body shape and personal preference. Some heavier guys find that wearing a harness that keeps the dildo/dick placed higher up helps them maintain comfort and control. Others may find that T-strap/g-string harnesses, with a single strap that runs between the butt cheeks, offers them more control. But not everyone likes the feel of T-strap/g-string harnesses (plus they are much harder to use with dildos/dicks with balls). Jock-strap/two-strap style harnesses (with two straps going around the legs) tend to work better with balls, and some find they offer better fit, control, and feel. This may be something you find out for yourself through trial and error. Again, it is wise to ask the salespeople at the online retailers listed herein for their advice as to fit and function given your needs and body type.

Non-harness hard packing methods If you find yourself in a situation where you do not have a harness handy, or just don’t wish to break the mood by having to get up and change into one, the following methods may work:

If you plan to use a variety of dildos/dicks, you may wish to look into a harness that allows you to change the size of the “O-ring” that holds the base of the dildo/dick. Some harnesses allow for quick O-ring change by simply unsnapping small straps, while others have an O-ring sewn in so that it cannot be changed. If you do choose a model with a permanently sewn-in O-ring, be sure that is fits your dildo/dick appropriately.

This site does not list all possible harness options; rather, the focus is on models that are appropriate for use with dildos/dicks with balls, have adjustable O-rings, or have some other relevant or unique design feature. Leather and non-leather options are listed. Some retailers offer the same harness model but describe the waist-sizes differently, which is reflected in the descriptions below. Some retailers also offer different sizes and colors of the same model.

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