But not, since that time Elena turned the fresh new Crown Princess, the relationship will get a bit much harder

Elena loved the lady mothers quite definitely and as this new eldest boy of regal members of the family, she was many times mentored by the both Raul and Lucia about how exactly to be a leader and you will bestowed the new Scepter off Light and you will Amulet from Avalor. Their fatalities considerably saddened Elena and you can she continues to remember and you may skip them fondly.

Section of the girl strategies regarding series arises from the lady parents. Elena took successful the Swordsman Tournament Cup undoubtedly immediately after she discovered of Lord Elrod’s cheating so you’re able to overcome the lady and you will dedicated this new win so you’re able to this lady honor. Reading Shuriki was real time instantaneously produced Elena desire to beat the girl and you will avenge the woman parentsing towards the contact with their is sufficient to remind the lady of it up until she finally eliminates the girl disliked adversary completely, in the end allowing Raul and Lucia is avenged.

Little princess Isabel

Elena and Isabel have been very close-in the youthfulness and up so you can Elena’s adulthood. They had an enjoyable experience together with her up until Shuriki assaulted Avalor as well as in order to safeguard the lady while the rest of the family members, Elena bravely encountered Shuriki to acquire returning to Alacazar to place her or him within their painting. They were delighted once they taimi was basically reunited.

In certain cases, the girl royal duties pushes their in order to abandon Isabel while focusing a lot more involved, also just after whenever she guaranteed to aid this lady, of which Isabel is frustrated and you may coldly informed her going out and you may provided the girl a cold-shoulder whenever she came back. Despite this, Elena carry out constantly try the lady far better set Isabel above this lady royal requirements and you will Isabel values they, fixing your relationship people strain between them. Elena is also occasionally acquire electricity regarding seeing Isabel in peril, because found with Shuriki and you can Orizaba, each other hence greet this lady to counteract the dangers.

When you look at the Cousin of Development, Isabel matches the key party, adding education and options on topic matters your party carry out typically overlook. Elena values Isabel on her behalf assist as well as worries on her when she’s in peril.


Close to her pops, Elena together with received instructions on exactly how to become a commander off Francisco whenever she was younger and you may she will continue to do so since the Crown Princess. Even in the event she may on occasion ignore their pointers, the guy bores no unwell-often and you will carry out gladly accept this lady apologies and you may continue to give this lady form terminology regarding understanding.


As near so you can her grandma just like the she is together with her dad, Elena admires the lady clear desire having info to the stage off enabling the woman to-be a member of the latest Council for it.

Chancellor Esteban

On account of having grown together with her, Elena liked Esteban eg a bona fide brother. She actually picked him as among the members of the fresh Grand Council as he has got a beneficial experience in new kingdom. Although not, new love she got on him shatters because whole members of the family learns his magic of having produced a secret deal with Shuriki. Which angers Elena to the stage where she decides to exile your. Into the after periods, Elena has been upset on Esteban on what he performed so you can their family and kingdom that will be unwilling so you can forgive him anyway, regardless of what a couple of times Esteban informs their that he features altered and you will should do anything to build something proper between the two. It was not up to Esteban forfeited his personal life to save Elena when she finally forgave their relative. Once their forgiveness undoes every spells done-by new Five Tones from Extremely, Esteban informs Elena that he will spend the remainder of their lifetime making up for what he has complete. Elena gladly accepts it and you can hugs Esteban, causing them to get together again for once.


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