Time detailed Disaster on its 100 better es Agee B

P5. Lit: Terre Haute, Within the, 1871, their several finest erican Catastrophe, manage impoverished protagonists attempting to make their means regarding world; means folks have absolutely nothing control over the destinies. Theodore Dreiser C. Sherwood

6. Music: il, 1937, very early Elvis aper; struck it grand that have Adolescent-Ages Smash. Hint: Boone’s writing report. Good. Frankie Avalon B. Ricky Nelson C. Carl Perkins D. Tommy Sands

P7. People: Butte, MT, 1916, comedian just who starred reverse other comics [[Bob Guarantee, W. C. Fields, Abbot and you will Costello, and you can Joe Age. Brownish.) Like Brownish, she was recognized for having a massive mouth area. A great. Martha Ray B. Betty Light C. Gracie Allen D. Jean Stapleton

P8. Potluck: Pittsburgh, 1933, created generally towards the ladies goals the real interior selves, unlike a world picture of best womanhood. My Wonders Backyard, My personal Mommy/Me and you can Females at the top have the ability to become met with high praise and you may harsh ailment. Hint: Daniel Defoe Good. Nancy Monday B. Anas Nin C. Kathy Acker D. Ann Grain

Sinclair Lewis D

P9. Quotes: Stuttgart, 1770, philosopher, published into Ubermensch, the newest outrageous kid, whose ends validate the function when the their goals is actually good. Statutes might be broken on popular a good. To help you him Napoleon try for example a guy. “Mark this well, you pleased boys away from action! You are, after all, just unconscious instruments of your own guys away from imagine.” Hint: over the top man, maybe not superman. Good. Baruch Spinoza B. Immanuel Kant C. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel D. Friedrich Nietzsche

P10. Sci/Tech: 1875, P.Elizabeth. Lecoq de Boisbaudran, good chemist, finds out another ability, a material, 75 grams extracted from cuatro numerous ore, that he titled they after their nation. And this element? Hint: Omnia est A great. Scandium B. Gallium C. Germanium D. Indium

P11. Sports: Cootamundra, The fresh Southern Wales, 1908, Don Bradman, experienced because of the most the brand new Girl Ruth regarding their sport. His occupation decide to try meets mediocre try an astounding . Exactly what sport? Hint: consider LBW. A beneficial. Darts B. Polo D. Rugby

Cricket C

P12. Screen: Ny, 1943, men seeking women within the a ton of clips: Looking for Mr. Goodbar [[Supporting Oscar nom.); starred reverse Steve McQueen regarding Cincinnati Kid. Hint: Norse jesus away from single handle and you may/or Morrie. A great. Susan Sarandon B. Uma Thorman C. Sigourney Weaver D. Tuesday Weld

13. Most Borrowing from the bank: Coolidge’s Vice-president, banker, Nobel Prize. Hint: Will be a great deal more respected than Revere A good. Hannibal Hamlin B. Charles G. Dawes C. Charles W. Fairbanks D. Charles Curtis

P1. Art/Culture: Produced for the Birmingham, United kingdom, during the 1833, Pre-Raphaelite Course singer [[The new Beguiling from Merlin) identified to have restoring the ability of stained glass. Hint: Steamin’ and you may good-rollin’ A. William Morris B. William Bell Scott C. Edward Poynter D. Edward Burne-Jones

2. Geo: In 1955, Emmet Till, 14 year-old African American teen-ager from Chicago visiting down south murdered for allegedly flirting with 21 year-old white woman. In what benighted state are we? A. Alabama B. Georgia C. Mississippi D. Louisiana Hint: The Hospitality State

P3. History/Politics: About big date when you look at the 1963, during the February towards Washington getting Jobs and you will Versatility, a good Baptist minister offers among the six most useful speeches inside American history. Hint: 95 to the home. An excellent. Malcolm X. B. Adam Clayton Powell C. Jesse Jackson D. Martin Luther King, Jr.

4. Lang: London area, 1906, poet, author, broadcaster, Oxfordian, discussed themselves in the Having Whom as a “poet and you can cheat”; British Poet Laureate, 1972 up until demise 1984. Beginning member Victorian Community. Their teddybear is the completely new for Sebastian Flyte’s within the Brideshead. Hint: Ten dollars the guy actually was a hack. A beneficial. Philip Larkin B. Louis MacNeice C. John Betjeman D. Cecil Date-Lewis


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