Its relationship endures the dalliance and remain working together, whenever you are Dawson however yearns getting Joey

Into his sixteenth birthday, Dawson conveys rage one, when you’re his nearest and dearest all be seemingly expanding since the individuals, he’s during the a good standstill inside the lives and you will desires to capture action – particularly victory Joey back. When she refuses, he gets intoxicated with Andie from the an organization pub to distract themselves off exactly how sad he or she is and you can turns out drunkenly lash away whatsoever their family (except Andie).

When a unique flick professor gets to Capeside Higher she believes to watch Dawson’s motion picture. Whenever she trashes they, Dawson try disillusioned, specifically as the this lady notices their together with father, which starts a love together with her far so you can Dawson’s chagrin. When Dawson discovers from Jack one to Joey’s dad’s come paroled, he seeks his best to talk with Joey and get there on her behalf. After the advice out of Jack, Dawson ticks Joey towards the setting up from the her concerns therefore he can help the woman and you may she actually is grateful so you’re able to him. They show a kiss and you may theoretically return.

Dawson will continue to service Joey due to the fact Abby Morgan’s accidental passing stirs up unsolved emotions on the her mother’s demise. To their step 1-month anniversary, Dawson requires Joey out to an appreciation french bistro, which turns sour when their scheduling could have been blended together with father’s plus they are compelled to dine with Dawson’s flick professor to your a romantic date that have Mitch. Dawson seems greatest once the Jen comes up together with his mom and he discovers one to Jen and you may Joey try conspiring to return their parents. All the same, an article Dawson turns into a film assignment has actually your inform you to Joey that he’s scared she’ll exit him once again – that she cannot think that he’s they for her. Whether or not she says to him they are, Dawson confronts a poor selection when he finds out that Joey’s dad are coping once again. Their parents help him from situation, however, Joey are distraught and you may eyelashes aside at the Dawson, sugar daddy Mississauga splitting up that have your and you may informing him she doesn’t want so you’re able to select your ever again. Dawson’s heartbroken and confronts their mommy thinking of moving Philadelphia as well, hence encourages him to go away Capeside and you may intern within Gale’s new jobs on june.


After a summer time invested with his mother within the Philadelphia, Dawson production so you’re able to Capeside nevertheless reeling regarding his split with Joey. Towards coach experience household, the guy suits Eve, a mysterious, blonde femme fatale who Dawson are keen on. Eve convinces Dawson to choose a drive in his father’s boat in addition they destroy they, charging him $step 3,100 to repair the damage with the pier the guy damaged towards the. Pacey convinces Dawson so you can put a beneficial stripper cluster from the his parents’ domestic to make the bucks to cover the newest fixes. While they effortlessly assemble sufficient money, Mitch grabs group making our home and Dawson understands they are during the troubles. Meanwhile, Dawson finds Eve snooping to when you look at the Grams’s home one-night. The guy later discovers a classic photo of a blonde girls inside our house-boat you to definitely Eve has been staying in, that he takes. Doug tells Dawson your ship belongs to an older pair.

Whenever Jack is harassed in school, Dawson is there to possess Joey and attempts to assist the lady and Joey tries aside Dawson for spirits when Jack has informed her that he is gay

Whenever Eve aims away toward photographs he claims you to definitely Eve tell the truth and you may she suggests that she is actually then followed and that lady regarding photo was her physiological mother, getting whom Eve is searching. When you are providing Grams from the the lady household, Dawson sees a similar girl from inside the a picture sitting on a beneficial nightstand. The guy requires just who she is and G indicates that it’s this lady girl, Helen, Jen’s mom. When Jen’s mom check outs their mother along with her girl within Thanksgiving, Dawson face Mrs. Lindley in the her earlier in the day, leading the girl to inform Jen the scenario.


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