However, you may be invited again to take the survey after 42 days

“Your account is not yet active. Once you have fully qualified for at least one of the projects below, we will be able to work toward activating your account.”

Participation in this project requires answering some questions about particular searches you have made on Facebook and providing access to your Facebook profile in order to recreate those search experiences

MicroNoyo IMPORTANT NOTE: This project is only a one-time survey task and not a long-term project, thus, this project does not require a daily task.

This project seeks to improve search results in Facebook Search. Participation in this project is entirely voluntary and you can stop at any time.

>> I am a newbie and I’m not sure if this is project is legit as it states I need to provide access to my Facebook profile. It’s giving me a red flag though.

Hi Carina, if this task originated from a proper Appen contact/email (and the email you provided is one of theirs) it would be a legit task, but with many online tasks of this nature, only you can decide the level of privacy you are comfortable giving access to.

I can’t make a specific recommendation because privacy is such a personal subject, but I do think we’re approaching a red-line where all of us are going to have to take a step back and ask if our always connected lifestyles were a good idea. It’s not just the companies we give Facebook access to (most now have an option to login with your Facebook account rather than creating a unique login), but it’s Facebook itself that has access to our private information. We have smart devices and digital “assistants” like Alexa that are literally recording us in our homes. But I’m starting to rant, lol. That’s a topic for an entirely different post.

As far as this particular task, I would defer to Appen’s statement that participation is entirely voluntary. If you are not comfortable with it, that’s absolutely understandable and it doesn’t hurt to wait for an available task you are comfortable with.

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To complete the next step of the qualification process, please login to our website to review and sign the Master Service Agreement here:

Sites like Appen who rely on human input to help improve artificial intelligence (and ple) in most cases collect this data anonymously but it’s true, there is always a path back to the individual if someone wanted exploit it

Qualification Steps: ——— * COMPLETED – Complete online qualification information * COMPLETED – Basic qualification package to be reviewed by Appen Butler Hill Pty Ltd. * COMPLETED – Complete online document signing * COMPLETED – Qualify for your first project * IN PROGRESS – Final Paperwork * Begin work! ———

Once you have completed the forms per the included instructions, we will then be able to work toward finalizing your contract.

Do you think this is legit? Also once landed on their online signature site for the agreement and contract signing it says that the site is collecting my IP address. Is this normal? Sorry for giving you a lot of questions as I’m new in applying for homebased /online job.

Hi Jane, yes that is Appen’s official webpage and email. As far as collecting your IP address, this is also normal. Our IP addresses are always being tracked when we are online (no matter what website or social media platform we visit) and the only way to really prevent it is to not visit websites or use something called a VPN which redirects web traffic to make it appear as if you’re somewhere/someone else. This isn’t entirely safe either because some recent VPN companies have been caught capturing your personal information during this redirection process. But generally speaking, your IP address being collected by websites is not an issue.


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