Subject: Customer support; Ford Motor Providers Source: (extracted from Ford Service Manual, loose-leaf form of) Ford Motor Co

Hatreds continues to occur provided the causes of combat commonly rooted out and launched

“A factory isn’t completed with his customer when a sale is accomplished. He’s upcoming only come together with buyers. Regarding a vehicle the new purchases of your servers is some thing on the nature out-of an introduction. If for example the machine will not render services, it is better on the brand if the guy never really had the latest addition, to possess he’ll have the poor of the many ads-a dissatisfied customers.”

“From the start I’d my info precisely how the new company is work at. I wanted it to benefit anyone which led to its victory-stockholders, work additionally the American societal.”

Simonds (Frederick An effective

Subject: Stockholders; Ford Motor Team Supply: Henry Ford Discusses Conflict, Shelter, Stockholders from the B.C Forbes, Forbes Mag Go out: 9/1/1941

“A giant team never becomes large when you’re a narrow people taking care of only the welfare of their team and you can stockholders.”

“Stock on the Ford System Providers carry out boost the price of the vehicle. I am just in search of decreasing the price of our very own car.”

” I do believe one any inventory that is offered need to have real value just like the vehicle or bushel off carrots, and you may stock-exchange is going to be manage since a veggie business.”

“Zero American need obligated to strike to own their rights. He need to discovered him or her naturally, effortlessly, because a matter of movement.”

“Anything that is not best, in the event it briefly likes the staff or perhaps the employers, you should never past-because it is not best.”

“When your employer really stands in the form of men providing what it secure, he or she is unfit becoming boss.”

“Money will ruin the life of any guy whom food they such as not a hack that to your workplace.”

“There needs to be no jobless. There was high percentage of work now which usually do not generate a great life style just like the wages are not high enough. That’s industry’s second jobs. 1st job is and come up with a product. 2nd shell out a good salary.”

“..the home of tomorrow makes lady totally free for to work as they prefer, less he or she is bound to carry out by the early in the day..job is really the only by itself has been modernized to ensure whichever occupations in the business is generally absorbed of the a lady.”

“(To the get together): “I’ve been in the they a decade. We collect her or him so they will not be forgotten to America..I have zero Egyptian mummies here, neither people relics of Battle from Waterloo..nor any curios out of Pompeii. It’s purely American..”

Subject: Collecting; Edison Institute; Greenfield Town; The newest Henry Ford Museum; The united states Provider: Ford Shows you His ‘Curio Shop’ out-of The usa-Detroit Times. William L. Stidger interviews, p.1 Day: 2/

Subject: Collecting; Edison Institute; Greenfield Community; The Henry Ford Art gallery; The usa Resource: Ford: Extension and Complications-Allan Nevins and you can Honest Ernest Mountain (Charles Scribner’s Sons, Ny) p. five hundred Big date: 1915-1933; 1957

Subject: For the past; Edison Institute; Greenfield Town; Brand new Henry Ford Museum Resource: Henry Ford and Greenfield Village”- William An excellent. Stokes Co, Ny) p.14 Go out: 1938

Subject: Collecting; Edison Institute; Greenfield Village; The newest Henry Ford Art gallery; The usa Origin: Ford’s Historic Art gallery-American Russian Falcon-Homestead, Pennsylvania-M. Vladimirov Date: 6/

“Whenever we are thanks to, we’ll has recreated American life since the existed; and that, In my opinion, is the best technique for preserving at the least a part of all of our history and you will tradition.”

Subject: Greenfield Town; Henry Ford Museum; Learning; Education; America; Customs Supply: Henry Ford and Greenfield Town -William A beneficial. Stokes), Nyc p.117 Day: 1928


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