Certainly one of the best Tumblr sites is actually Piledrive U

The images in today’s post was extracted from recent Piledrive You postings recapping the newest Muscleboy Grappling suits ranging from Logan Get across and you can Taylor Leadership regarding way back during the MBW Catalog #dos.

Eg too many Tumblr profiles, the new Piledrive U webmaster is growing tired of the constant censorship and you will shortage of customer support because of the Tumblr that’s unfortunately providing happy to shut down his awesome Tumblr web page this week. It could currently be gone by the point you notice which, and this will be significantly missed.

In the event the he leaves in the cloth, I could significantly skip Piledrive U’s provocative and you may arousing captions one to define their pictures, having fun with one to salacious and you will macho tone you can hear inside an excellent plunge bar, warehouse, otherwise locker room.

While the a fellow author of captions, I am aware exactly how difficult it can be to think of anything witty, jocular, otherwise stimulating to express, so i very enjoy their caption video game. New captions in the modern article is written by myself (except for initial image), but if you go after Piledrive You on Tumblr, you probably know how appealing it seems to read what the guy authored.

This can be censorship and you can homophobia. I won’t get involved in it. Download any type of photo you desire while the I’m eliminating your website 2nd week.

This new MBW movies away from Taylor Rule controling Logan Mix date me-bureaublad is actually an excellent large change-on the – I got myself it back into 2017 if it basic proceeded income as well as have enjoyed they 12 moments at the very least. MBW had been really the new when this matches premiered, therefore we were still delivering always this new build, concept, and you may patch direction out of MBW suits.

As soon as We first saw Taylor pausing the meets to begin with kissing fairly-guy Logan in the multiple items, I recall are extremely as a result of one to (about long distance.) We also created my own edited version of the fresh video clips in which the fresh making out scenes recite a few times, attracting her or him out with the passionate mid-match create-away coaching. I don’t know as to why I like kissing in the exact middle of a grappling meets a great deal – I’m simply a beneficial weirdo Perhaps, nevertheless the heart wishes what it desires.

And you can just before We forget about, there clearly was and additionally that it most sweet In reverse Scissor by the Logan Cross, as he tried to fight to own particularly 8 seconds. It’s a pretty famous minute among audiences who enjoy particularly this build out of rasslin…

Various other element of it matches one to brought about me (once more, regarding the long distance) is just how Taylor Rule simply presumed the right to grope their adversary everywhere. He thinks you to definitely, if you’re overcoming men into the grappling, you have got 100 % free rule (see what I did there?) to just pinch a breast otherwise people a hand on their ballsack otherwise everything you have to do.

It is current frequently with many different beautiful grappling images – this new author very enjoys higher taste and you will likes male themes off control and electricity

This is a facet of antique, traditional professional grappling that usually captures my personal vision – exactly how safe brand new rivals is having holding additional guy’s muscles. Wrestler A could circle that arm around Wrestler B’s sides, or reach a give between his feet to lift your, or slip fingers on his waistband, or grip his bicep as he tresses towards a beneficial Headlock.

I always located new expert wrestlers’ Licenses to touch as most provocative and you can sensual, since if, whenever I’m wrestling your, you becomes my arms (and you may mine is part of you as well as much), therefore we please touching any part of the body at any day, your own personal or exploit, their all of the you to.

I can’t tolerate all this censorship any more

Thus i want to accept most of the high functions Piledrive U has been doing towards the Tumblr and you can thank him having residing in the struggle provided the guy performed against the feared Algorithm and all of their censoring efforts. You will find particularly appreciated new photographs essays like this certainly one of Taylor vs. Logan – really inspirational in my experience due to the fact a fellow creator.

In the event the Piledrive You do closed his Tumblr, hopefully he’ll lso are-arrive in the near future into more program or seller, therefore we normally continue viewing his higher attention having grappling photographs and his caption-ability as a copywriter. We need his voice and such as for instance your regarding the wrestling blog-o-industries!


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