To Pay or not to Pay, that is the Question

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“To Pay or not to Pay, that is the Question”

I spent a few months on Christian Connection, but I didnt renew my membership because I found that about 99% of the girls that i wanted to talk to, are also on the free sites! It makes you wonder why anyone should actually pay a website, when exactly the same members are also on free sites. I felt like I wasted my money to be honest.

I’m now talking with a lovely girl I met on a free dating site, who is exactly the same girl whom I couldnt talk to on Christian COnnection because neither of us renewed our membership and only had the free membership, in which we could only send endless winks to each-other. I got sick of sending winks and didnt want to pay again, so I scanned the free mainstream sites, and found her! lol. All I can say is, God works in mysterious ways 🙂 But we are glad we eventually found each-other, and are now dating in real life 🙂

Realreviewer’s Comment

That is a common question but there are in lots of reasons for paying: – real and genuine customer service. Free dating sites either don’t give you customer service or it is minimal. – little investment to prevent and deal with scammers or poor site behaviour. – ensure that new features are created and or bugs fixed. – better safety and contributing to the Christian community. – free sites get revenue in other ways which usually involve advertising and use of data. No free dating site appears on the reviewcentre’s top five – and there is a reason for that.

I think it is a pity that his reviewer is saying that he used the site and then found a way round paying by using the free sites. I am really glad he is happy but would he really have found his girlfriend on the free dating site without first using CC? It may be one way of working but I really don’t accept it is a reflection of God’s mysterious ways..

Realisticresponses’s Comment

At a fundamental level CC is, of course, a money-making enterprise based around enabling connections exclusively through its services. It doesn’t exist for the love of ‘Christians’ in the hope they’ll find heartwarming relationships. It doesn’t give hoping for nothing in return. The Christian context isn’t as reassuring as it may first appear to those shaadi who may be struggling with the pain of loneliness and rejection and need high standards from real caring individuals who call themselves Christians. Those who are signing up and paying ong the many who fall off the CC wagon in a state of disillusionment. Such is life!

Lots of reasons for paying? Lots? Come on! I’ll give you one good reason – the ability to cancel at any time, which is reassuring. The ability to hide your profile is another. In my opinion, CC’s so-called Christian emphases goes some way to making it less likely you’ll encounter fraudulent crankcases, though it doesn’t prevent Bible-believing, straight people being propositioned by those who choose to be gay, for example.

I’m not that encouraged and influenced by the promise of “genuine” customer service. Nor am I convinced that some data is necessarily secure behind the scenes. I’d advise against trumpeting that as a sound reason. In the Internet environment it’s not a likely scenario. And many won’t care too much about advertising.

“Contributing to the Christian community”? During my time on CC I came across plenty of diverse and arguably loose interpretations of what a Christian community actually is. That alone makes contributions a bit hard to define in the real world of faith, choice and vapid religiosity. At times a bewildering experience reading through the forums.

The reviewer may well have found someone else compatible through a free site. Why wouldn’t he? Free or paid, it’s always possible, but yes, paid SHOULD be better.


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