I have always loved my husband and never have had any regret of marrying him or marrying young

Hello from Zuerich, i just want to say that i like your website very much. I will come back soon.

God has totally restored our marriage bed since then, and we are so connected now I am in love with my hubby, I feel like I just married him only better than then because now we are free

I am estactic that I found this site just a fews days ago Jan. My husband and I have been married 27 years, we have 4 children. I was 19 and he was 23. Sex was a silent subject growing up and when I got married I had already become a born again christian and seemed like a silent subjest within the church too. I don’t even remember any mention of the subject during maybe one session of pre-marital counseling. So the lack of not having any teaching and preparation for sex in our marriage, we were left to assume that perhaps God would not be pleased if we engaged in certain acts, like oral sex, because those acts were from the world…what a lie now I realize, I felt embarrassed to verbally communicate to husband my needs/ desires.

I was so inhibited, sex became a chore. I didn’t look forward to sex that much, I felt that why bother I don’t get much out of it. So we had a quick session about every 3 weeks. During 2008 I began to feel very disconnected from my husband, I couldn’t understand why, we had even had a 25th anniversary wedding and renewed our vows the year prior, i thought it was the stress of dealing with a challenging teen son and my ill mother, I felt helpless not really knowing how to really communicate with mu hubby and it really didn’t connect that the reason why I felt disconnected was because we were not intimate. One day I told my husband that if i didn’t have sex for a year that I would be fine, he was offended by this and even wondered if I was being unfaithful to him, I just had no libido.

Throughout all of our married life , our sex life was very routined and inhibited

In a heated argument my husband said I needed to do something. We went to a health food store in hopes of finding something that my help me with the hormonal changes/ mood swings…. God began to reveal His truth to me about how sex in marriage should be. So for the past 14 months it’s almost like we have learned alot and are enjoying what we have learned but it’s our little secret because the issue of sex within married christians is still a silent one.

So that’s why I am so estactic to have found CN’s. Your site is God’s gift to us in this New Year… as we still have more learning and exploring to do… We are trying to catch up on the 26 years of not truly enjoying the gift of sex that God gives to a married couple because of the lack of knowledge and wrong mindsets https://hookupdate.net/teenchat-review/. We were shackled and perishing . I hope this helps any couples out there that can relate.

I’m Quickly falling in love with this site. So many times I’ve seen women who are afraid of talking about sex (which is why I started my site a few days ago). YAY FOR A SITE dedicated to it…. I’m totally subscribing

I just wanted to say God Bless all of you for this website. It is wonderful to have someone to offer help and information. I have been married 28 years and have had problems with issues in the past. You have helped me work through a lot of these problems.. Thanks Marcy


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