XDating Review – Can This Adult Dating Site Help You Hookup?

User Base

  • Fun, fresh, high tech layout and feel
  • High engagement for a casual, ‘adult’ dating site
  • Safe Mode allows you to grey out explicit pictures
  • Lightning-fast sign up and access
  • No refunds, ever
  • Automatic billing means you’ve got to set a reminder so www.hookupdate.net/thai-dating/ you don’t get automatically charged at the end of your membership
  • Larger-than-average number of empty or blank profiles
  • No search at all; you must like profiles in order to match with people
  • Author

If you’re checking out this xDating review, you probably got an email asking you to sign up – but you don’t remember ever having heard of the site before. That’s how I discovered it, at least.

Focusing on adult, casual, and priazing job at marketing their services. Do they really offer anything out of the ordinary though?

Let’s jump right in. Or, if you’ve used the site already, please scroll on down and add your own xDating review in the comments.

Signing Up

Literally, ten seconds after signing up, with zero verification, you’ll have access to the xDating website. I think this might be one of the fastest (if not the fastest) dating site sign-up in my 10+ years of writing dating site reviews.

Now, before you think is is an amazing thing… it is, but only sort of. Because there’s no requirement to upload a photo or write something about yourself, you’ll find most users just can’t be bothered. About 30% of the profiles I encountered had nothing on them. Zilch. Nada.

Look and Feel

There’s going on with xDating; it took getting used to. Once I did though, I liked the updated list of information along the left column. This included my matches – although at first, I had none.

A reminder popped up I’d have to start ‘liking other people’ for matches to show up. Okay, no problem, I can do that.

I was never prompted to fill in my profile or do anything at all with it. Refreshing? Kind of, especially for a casual dating site.

Everything on the site focuses on matching two people. You “like” one another? Awesome, you’re matched. It’s literally that simple. Or, complex, if you can’t figure out why you’d like a blank profile.


Well, you can’t. Or, I couldn’t figure out how. If I wanted to find someone based on what they wanted (say, a single female), I couldn’t. Same went with the opposite (if I wanted a single male, for instance).

You will, however, see ample nude and sexually explicit pictures as you scroll through other users – many of which are real. Meaning, these aren’t airbrushed photos, or taken by a professional.

Don’t like what you’re seeing? (There are a surprising number of 60+ gents on the site). Choose “Safe Mode” and adult photos will show up instead as a blurred, grey box.

Connecting With Other Members

I received a substantial number of messages, however all were well above my age and none in my geographic region. Most offered their graphic images right off the bat, and then their contact info off the site if I was “real”.

The Fine Print

Every reputable dating company has a term of service and hopefully a privacy policy. xDating doesn’t disappoint here. While some of it might seem extreme or unreasonable, it’s mostly standard fare.

If you’re one of those folks who signs up without reading the fine print? I’ve done the heavy lifting for you:

xDating Membership Costs

If you subscribe to xDating, it’ll run you $ for three months’ service (or $ a month). If you want a shorter membership, your only option is $ a month.

The Bottom Line on This xDating Review

xDating offers its users a slick interface with some fun yet basic features to connect for a hookup or casual relationship.

Prices are fair and on-par with other dating sites in this category, but they have a host of other features (video chat, for starters, and usually a more robust search feature even for freebie memberships).

While I only spoke with one person who had paid for a membership, they seemed to love the service. Lots of members in their area, they’d hooked up a few times, and no bells or whistles to distract them from their goal: sex.

Just make sure you’re aware of that fine print, check to see how many users live nearby, and maybe post a picture or two? You know, for the gals like me that want to know who they’re talking to.

Ready to try xDating? Sign up now. Have you already used the site, or have questions? Scroll down to share.


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