‘I need to trust who I am talking to’

From Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’ breakup to Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde dating, Kim and Kanye’s separation, and top secret details about Taylor Swift’s newest music video, it’s now commonplace to hear a juicy tidbit first on Deuxmoi’s page

Once the normals started coming out of lockdown, so did the famouses. Sure, they may have been hiding behind face masks, but sightings and new encounters started pouring in, inspiring a new age and purpose for the account. Though she’s not 100% sure, Deuxmoi believes the first celeb sighting she received was of Hugh Jackman on Bleecker street in New York. And from there.

“The floodgates opened,” she said. “I didn’t even say send me celebrity sightings. One person thought of it, and then it just caught on.”

Often, people choose to submit tips via the submission form on the Deuxmoi website, where they are able to stay more anonymous than on Instagram.

Deuxmoi adds that this happens often; she often isn’t the one with the viral ideasmunity sourcing will inspire other followers to follow suit and share their experiences in certain ways.

So if it seems that I’m a professional, that’s a compliment

“Now, people expect it to always be current information, leaks and tips – they want to know what’s going on currently,” she said. “They look at it as a news source, but that was never the intention. . It was meant to be a way to get to know your favorite celeb better outside of a PR-spin perspective.”

Hundreds of submissions a day are shared with her via Instagram direct message or a through a website submission form. Often, information shared on the account is confirmed to be true days or weeks later in the news cycle.

Not long before it was officially announced, Deuxmoi shared news of the break-up between Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes. Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

Speaking with her, Deuxmoi’s language maintains a certain level of expertise, like a person who works in media or public relations during the day. She says this is also a false conceived notion, but one she is totally OK with. “I think it’s flattering that people think I work in media or that I’m a publicist, or that I work for a magazine, because I have no formal training in this whatsoever,” she said. “I’m totally just using my instincts. ”

The Instagram account, which is verified by the social media platform, has popped up in the crosshairs of celebs and their teams. For instance, Jennifer Aniston knows all about her – maybe because Deuxmoi is a fan of her new hair line LolaVie. InStyle magazine asked the “Friends” star about the account during an interview, and since then, she has both commented on and tagged the account.

Media scrutiny – maybe jealousy? – has also grown over the last two years. Numerous outlets – from The New York Times to Bustle – have profiled the account. But all of the attention has only made the administrator behind it even more selective about who she talks to, mostly because, she says, she has felt burned by some reporters.

“It’s because I understand how everything ‘works’ now,” she wrote to us via DM. “I need to trust who I am talking to.”

With a follower count that continues to grow, how does one deal with the mounting pressure, especially now that the stars themselves and the media are following along, watching her every move?

“I don’t put pressure on myself, because that’s never what I intended the account to be,” she said. “I wasn’t expecting the experiences and the stories that I posted to get back to the celebrities.


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