How am I making what I’m standing for clearer?

Tara McMullin: Awesome

It’s not that separate thing from us, but it’s saying, how is my business, when I’m looking at all of these different things that I’m evolving and changing and making better, how are we making this better? And how am I making sure that people understand what I’m about and what is like something I will tolerate or something I won’t tolerate? Those sorts of things. So I think for me, when it comes to how I’m looking at speaking up more, I think that’s something that I’ve definitely put alongside all those other things and asking myself, how am I getting better at being a social advocate out there?

I know. So many people can relate to that. And I think the way that you’ve laid it out and what you’ve been inspired by too, it’s going to be really helpful for people. So thank you for sharing that. Suz, what’s something that you’re really excited about right now?

What would you do differently if you stopped trying to find the right way to promote your business, started focusing on building relationships?

Suz Chadwick: What’s something I am excited about? One is coming out of lockdown, Tara, which I shared about. But also I’m doing a lot with women in business around helping them become bolder speakers, and getting more confident with how they speak and how they show up, which is like perfect for the conversation that we’re having today. And it’s something I used to run workshops a few years ago on it and I haven’t done it for a while. And I’m like you know something?, now is the time like podcasts and online summits and running your own webinars and speaking up and having a voice. I’m just like, I’m so passionate about it that I’m like, let’s get back into this. Let’s do this. So that’s something I’m super excited about at the moment.

Tara McMullin: Brilliant. Suz Chadwick, thank you so much for sharing how you speak up and how you show up with a really big, bold, confident presence and all the stuff that’s happening underneath of it as well. Thank you so much.

Tara McMullin: It’s easy to get caught up in promoting your offers or broadcasting your message. After all, you’ve got a business around and a livelihood to earn. But Suz made it clear that her top priority is connecting with people, helping people feel seen and included in her story. How would your approach to social media, email marketing or even networking be different if your top priority was connecting with people? These are the questions that have helped me craft a better approach over the last few years. I hope they can help you too. Find out more about Suzanne Chadwick at suzchadwick, and find her podcast, the Brand Builders Lab podcast wherever you listen to What Works.

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