Every type of girl you will meet on the London dating scene

Is she your future wife or just one of the lads? Meet the London girls who will shape your city dating life

The London dating scene, we have already discussed the disappointing lack of cultured city boys, but now for the tragic state of the girls.

Whilst we idealise London girls to be a cross between Lady Di in the Crown and Toff, for the most part, they could not be further from this stereotype.

There are some strong opinions, chronic oversharers and painful conversations all on the horizons of the London dating scene. So, here are the girls you will encounter if you venture into the London dating scene:

“I’m a really casual person”

If she says this she’s eyeing you up as the father of her children and expects that you’ll be married in the next two years. Whilst she doesn’t actually love you, she’s desperate to make her ex jealous and what better way than with a family and children?

If you go on a date with this gal she’ll make you outline your entire family lineage in the first 10 minutes and if you’re paying for drinks she’ll order something unjustifiably expensive. Unless you’re looking for your future wife avoid this girl like the plague.

“Can you just get a photo of me and my mate?”

She’ll twirl her hair and flutter her eyelashes and in a matter of moments, this gal will have you wrapped around her little finger. With only one intention in mind https://hookupme.net, using you as her free personal photographer. Dating this girl means you’ll walk behind her, camera at the ready for every Instagrammable date you’ll go on.

She doesn’t actually like you but she likes the fact you’ll take her to Blame Gloria and take 1,000 snaps of her in there.

“I only drink Champagne. Everything else gives me a headache”

Come off it Cordelia (exchange with any other posh girl name) we all know that any alcoholic drink gives you a headache. These girls will turn up to pres armed with a bottle of Tattinger and some Sobranis their “older” boyfriend brought them back from Paris. For all, she likes to think she’s posh she’s actually just stuck up with the stamina of an 85-year-old.

She’ll have 2 glasses of her champagne, then she’ll get absolutely smashed and proceed to flirt with you until midnight and then make her excuses and say that she needs to go home to see her boyfriend. What you don’t know is that she’s so drunk she’s puked up in the back of an uber and will likely take to her bed for the rest of the week to recover.

“I miss my family but I miss my horse most of all”

Meet your classic home counties, horse girl. She’s disgustingly middle class and struggles to dress herself without there being at least one Barbour or Ralph Lauren item.

When you initially meet her you get the impression that she is just really tight with her family, but then you start to get slightly weirded out when you realise that Penny is not her younger sister but actually her horse.

Quickly you realise you need to exit the conversation because you cannot treat a horse like a person for longer than two minutes.

“London is just so crazy, where I’m from we’d never go out this late”

Cue your naive foreign exchange student. She’s come to London for the first time, and her reactions to everything make it seem like this is the first time she’s actually left the house. Constantly saying things like “wow!”, “oh my god no way” and “that’s just so random”. She mostly likely comes from some small town in America or Australia and has these big excitable eyes and talks about how much she loves to travel.


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