5 Ways to Impress a Girl on a First Meeting

Giving the right gift when you know very little of the other person can be a challenge indeed. That’s why small everyday things can at times be a great idea. Such gifts are low key but seem thoughtful. Here is one such gift idea – magnetic bookmarks! These are convenient and very useful to have around, but a small enough gift. There are a large variety available from themed, to cutesy to floral and motivational. Just have a look around to find out what may suit her best, based on what you know of her. We picked out this set of 4 motivational elegant bookmark set that will find favour with anybody. This set is available on Amazon for Rs. 169.

Something Sweet

Girls usually love sweet and chocolaty treats so get her a small box of chocolates, maybe a few pretty cupcakes in a box or any other sweet treat you think she will like. Certain chocolates are very popular for giving as gifts and you can go with one of those. If you know a really nice cake or chocolate shop, pick up a small sampler box of their best treats.

While chocolates are a hot favourite to give as gifts, we suggest you try something a little different, such as a box of delectable brownies. A gift wrapped or sealed chocolate box usually goes home with her unopened, but a box of chocolates can be shared and you can exchange notes and learn about each others tastes and preferences. A box of Assorted Chocolates by Fantasie Chocolate will cost you Rs.275 https://datingreviewer.net/local-hookup/portland/ for a 6-piece box. You can also buy larger packs ( or 24 piece).

A Funky Keyring

Everyone has keys that they carry on themselves don’t they? Keyrings are a small and useful gift that can be perfect for that first meeting. They are not personal in any way but a good way to remember your meeting. Since you may not know all that much of her likes and dislikes as yet, it is better to play it safe and get her something neutral. Consider this colourful keyring that has a dreamcatcher and evil eye which is a fantastic way to convey your good wishes too. Buy it on Amazon for Rs. 375.

Be Creative in Planning Your Date

The predictable routine of movie and dinner date or meeting over a coffee or for lunch are comforting in a way; she knows what to expect. But the regular, comfortable routine is also somewhat boring and forgettable. See it as an opportunity to stand out, make that first meeting so memorable that she will be intrigued.

You are still seeking to make a good impression so don’t look for outlandish ideas that will shock or confuse her; just go something slightly different. Go to a play or a live performance, or take her to a hidden gem of a restaurant which isn’t widely known but serves excellent local cuisine. Know your art? Take her to an exhibition or gallery and give her an interesting and unforgettable tour.

It’s a great way to show her different sides of yourself. Show her something you are passionate about and draw her in be presenting it in an interesting manner. Being skilled at or knowledgeable about your chosen activity will also give you confidence.

Make Eye Contact, Do Not Creep Her Out

Meaningful exchanges now and then and flirting with your date will add a spark to your meeting and keep things interesting. But this is your first meeting, be realistic. Chances are you have been acquainted from before, but most likely you know little about her and this is your first romantic outing together. She will not want to spend minutes at a stretch gazing into your eyes. That stuff happens only in movies. Try doing that, however soulfully, and she will get very uncomfortable, even get creeped out and possibly not want to meet you again.


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