It (Zachary and you may Katelyn) start to mention drawings to your walls and and also make fun off her or him

Zachary informs the lady to acquire this lady ass upwards to have school coach however, Katelyn tells your that’s the girl old shuttle, for Cedartown Secondary school. She dont walk to help you Rockmart because it’s too far by base. Zachary claims he’s going to start waking the woman up and this woman is open to it.

Says the woman is soft and ends up a beneficial snowman (again). States AJ is the merely man she will actually rely upon their lifestyle. Abbi begins having fun with mobile phone.

I’m not 100% yes having Bobby and who is Zach (voice-wise) during this weight but i do believe i might obtain it best.

Loves him plenty

Luke enters which chat. Calls him Luke following Lukey pookie (almost states dookie accidentally hahah). She still looks not knowing about their standing of being together still. This lady behavior when reaching your is quite somewhat other.

Cellular telephone are undetectable. Tammy smacks AJ into ass tough several times to own turning off brand new white and you will claiming “touching they once more and you can i will split your fuckin hand”.

Woman (perhaps Taylor) is trying in order to persuade AJ into cleaning up the space and you may with positive support such as it’s a game to tackle.

She might still become upset having Luke a little since she offers the cam a peek and not extremely talking to Luke the same as she’s in earlier times.

Katelyn: (giggles) “I am not sure the reasons why you query that cause you are aware your will. (she claims some thing together those people outlines)” Says another thing in order to Luke: “If you’re . Luke . Really don’t even understand as to the reasons you are going to do this”

She wants him way too much

Katelyn covers cellular telephone. Bobby discussions sweet to help you Katelyn and you can says you to some thing are hazardous, such a fire risk, possibly the mobile phone charger? Bobby states the guy daf sign in noticed bad for having to spank AJ. He states “you to definitely sucks.” He doesn’t want AJ to think he could be imply. Bobby claims when she is younger he’d simply pretend in order to spank this lady because of the hitting his foot. Katelyn obviously becomes also Bobby. States he’s going to plan in the event the she rinses ingredients.

Bobby claims: “Bring your phone in right here. durrr. ” Anybody (Zach) claims they merely has five dishes and you will a spoon.

Katelyn sets cell phone by drain throughout the latest stream. She’s discussions which have Bobby. Bobby keeps a wacky laugh.

Katelyn claims she won’t/wouldn’t enjoys infants up to she graduated university. Katelyn says she loves potatoes. Katelyn was kidding that have Bobby. Katelyn has had proper care of Abbi and you may AJ for several years.

States anything on moon crickets, speaking of shutting off hip hop tunes to your tv, no one otherwise understands exactly what it setting. Explains it is a racial epithet.

Abbi repeats moonlight crickets and then says letter word, “your a great nigger.” Katelyn will get upset regarding their claiming it. Abbi is getting in touch with anyone unsightly and you can continual the new letter word again.

Katelyn converts your camera and you may whispers, “oh my personal goodness. i’m probably reduce/knife (myself/them/em all of the?)” Unsure exactly what she lipped/whispered which can be slightly embarrassed regarding the racial articles. She gives cam peace indication.

She discovers knife, scissors inside the pantry, will not come across torch (it is to the shelf AJ states) “you will find some interesting some thing upwards there.”

She laughs with Bobby again about the red-colored flashlight. Says coming up to and acting are police, so you’re able to scare somebody, might possibly be things she’d perform.

Katelyn asks in the event that she ate far when she are more youthful. Bobby states she ate the latest stuff that most kids didn’t such, for example eco-friendly kidney beans and you may collard greens. Katelyn said that she liked oatmeal whilst still being do, “it is a.” She obviously becomes along with Bobby and is which have a night. Bobby got the phone on her that she purposes for new avenues (She had the telephone around December fifth). She is toward cellular telephone maximum but Bobby helped and you may had the latest a couple (Tammy and you can Katelyn) to talk. Bobby planned to score Katelyn discover Tammy to name him however, their mobile phone won’t ring otherwise any type of.

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