There is also Plus, but since we are in the process of meeting someone special, Tinder Gold is our advice

Tinder Gold costs its 15 euros per month and for those who are less than 30 years old they will only have to pay their 2 euros. And in fact it is our preferred app to meet new friends.


Meetic is the best app to meet that person for a lasting relationship. Although then, at the moment of truth, we are in the same. As a friend of mine who has always looked for relationships like this said: “It was time to put on Meetic that I was only looking for serious relationships and 95% of my contacts disappear.”

As a lot happens in real life, there is a lot of «sell motorcycles». And everything will be to try to stay with the girl and continue selling the motorcycle until we achieve the goal that many and many seek. In any case, it is true that a platform like Meetic makes someone who is looking for commitment more known than a «fuck buddy».

It should be mentioned that Meetic has been around for many more years than Tinder, since it started from the desktop version, while the second has used smartphones and that GPS to be chosen by many in a matter of years.

The big difference is that you are going to be able to mark that you are interested in a committed relationship from your profile, so you will quickly make clear what you are looking for. In fact, when someone looks for people for casual encounters, you will never go out in that search, so it can come in handy for the one who has things clear and does not want to waste time.

The Meetic payment pass

It is also true that we are talking about a contact service that is more expensive in its premium version. We are talking about 34,99 euros per month to have 6-month bonds to be at 12,99 euros, but this does not mean that you will have to pay your 77,40 euros at once. The benefit of being expensive? Well, whoever you stay with, unless you have a large checking account, is going to go as far as possible; especially speaking from the vertex of seeking compromise.

Another of the interesting aspects of Meetic are their verified profiles. It may seem silly, but we make sure that the person we meet is who they are. It will not be the first time that you come across fake profiles, especially in the rest of the apps that allow us to “play” for free and in which these profiles are found, which are usually people with commitments looking for something fast.

Meetic is a service that gets serious about these fake profiles, as they often lead to problems. Of course, count on the fact that if you go for the most requested profiles, it will cost more for them to be interested in one. The fact of entering an app like this does not mean that there is an open bar. You have to work it out, take a good photo and put something interesting that attracts attention. We are facing a digital way in which we have to be a little curious in order to see that we have some personality. Always without passing us and for this, Meetic, like Tinder, have their tools to help us.

Another of the best-known apps that can be another alternative to the previous two and that are adding the most downloads around the world. LOVOO also plays with that of liking or I don’t like it so I can find matches and start the conversation.


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