ten Myers-Briggs Form of Maps for Pop music People Letters

This new Myers-Briggs Particular Signal (MBTI®) try a tool to help you explain your personality collectively four details: (I) Introversion compared to. (E) Extroversion, (N) Intuiting versus. (S) Sensing, (T) Thinking versus. (F) Feeling, and you can (J) Judging vs. (P) Perceiving. Using the instrument will give you a “type of,” expressed by a variety of four characters. You’ll find 16 you’ll combinations, and that lend themselves well to a chart, known as Myers-Briggs form of dining table. How perfect the exam was and just how beneficial the size is actually has nothing to do with what is actually ahead. That which we will be looking at is when those systems is depicted by the pop music people emails, regarding one universe who has got at least 16 emails with different personalities.

Realize the way the take to came to be regarding the intellectual_floss article Myers, Briggs, and also the Earth’s Most widely used Personality Try.

1. Online game off Thrones

When there is one market which have a limitless number of letters, it could be Online game from Thrones. Only if they didn’t continue dying out of! Andrew during the O.D.Sposed a map offering the latest MBTI systems about cast regarding new HBO let you know. This may involve each other way of living and you can deceased letters, as well as currently needed to explore inactive letters in the event it was constructed. The fresh new graph is visible during the link.

dos. My personal Little Horse

Brand new ponies away from My personal Little Horse run the gamut out-of characters. Sixteen ones are part of it MBTI graph because of the DeviantART user autumnalone (Meredith Miles). This new graph does not occur in her own gallery, but you can find it full size during the a forum.

3. Lord of one’s Rings

A vast most the fresh emails we like about Lord of your own Bands are heroes, but they most of the differ somewhat. That it graph out-of Anne and you can Eric Color at the ChurchMag harbors him or her into personalities of the MBTI to get a hold of one which suits your own personality.

cuatro. The new Walking Inactive

Fanpup gave all of us an identification chart with the emails of the Walking Dry. This is designed for 12 months five, but there are indeed zero spoilers while the a few of the emails was basically already lifeless next, but I am not saying suggesting those. New zombie, definitely, but you can suppose concerning others. Then they up-to-date the graph to own 12 months four, which you’ll come across within post which has both of him or her. Just the very first you’re enlargeable. The new latest graph nevertheless includes particular lifeless some body, as well as brand-new letters.

5. Harry Potter

So it MBTI graph profiling the fresh letters of Harry Potter universe ran widespread couple of years in the past, paid in order to tumblr associate Simbaga (the author) and you may DeviantART representative Makani (new singer), but really no original hyperlinks for the graph exist more. It needs to be large enough for you to comprehend from the Buzzfeed.

6 katholische Dating-Seiten kostenlos. Disney Princesses

DeviantART member LittleMsArtsy created a gorgeous MBTI graph to possess Disney Princesses or other Disney heroines that’s most enlargeable at DeviantART webpage, when you need to browse the meanings that make up brand new character’s deal with and the body. This is the simply lay he is labeled, but when you don’t select a beneficial Disney Little princess from the their silhouette, then you definitely only haven’t viewed adequate Disney clips. LittleMsArtsy also offers backlinks to the artwork for each and every personal profile. She has an identical chart getting Disney Princes and Heroes.

7. Grey’s Anatomy

A writer called Chandler written a keen MBTI graph on the letters of your own Show Grey’s Physiology. The fresh emails commonly branded, since the just admirers of one’s reveal would have any need for seeing whether your characters was in fact branded accurately. That is where I discovered that every of charts within the so it list do not title new characters by their brands, but this is the simply graph where I didn’t understand characters currently.

8. Marvel Comics

It rather intricate chart out of Elephant Bot sets five letters regarding the new Question Comics universe toward each one of the sixteen identity ports. That just proves how grand the new Question universe are, and how characters inside a form may differ. You will need to go to the full size visualize web page to read through her or him.

nine. Superstar Wars

Geek inside Pumps responded to the new Harry Potter MBTI chart of the starting one which pegs this new letters from Star Wars all over generations. Could you accept these assessments? The newest graph is enlargeable at the website.

ten. Superstar Trek

DeviantART member loqutor made a chart to possess sixteen some other Celebrity Trek characters that seem in many of Superstar Trek Program, regardless if I do believe it’s a tiny light on New Collection. But that’s merely me personally.


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