Last year, in halls, Kayleigh and I would eat dinner together almost every night

Sausage pasta bake, eggy mess, quiche . the possibilities were endless. This is when we decided to get married on Facebook. We would sit for hours on end discussing the most controversial topics, like religion and war and everything to do with education.

Eventful Times Ahead

Today I wish to discuss a few things again. Today is my last full day as a fresher in halls. I’ve been packing for the last two days gradually, and I actually think I have generally everything packed. I know I have a few little things around that once I have everything else loaded up I will have to go around and collect to take home but for now I feel pretty ready to go. However, I am not actually going home – I am going to my Aunty’s for a week, and am dogsitting at the weekend, which means I will not get home until next Tuesday, 1st June. Yes, JUNE! How is it almost June already?! Then once I get home I’m going straight up to Bronwen’s on the Wednesday for a couple of days, and then we are off to our DoubleTake day in London on the Friday 😀 I’ve seen loads of people have these days and put the photos on Facebook, and however much I would like to do this, I have looked at the prices and there is nooo way that I could afford these, but it will be a really good experience. After this I am home for a couple of weeks, then back up to Leeds to see the house girls for next year and move the stuff I’m leaving here into the new house. We will probably go out on the 1st July, then I will go home on the 2nd July, spend 2 days at home, then I’m off to Ireland with Emma on the 5th non-stop until then really. But then I will be home properly for the summer and I can just do my thingg 🙂

Next off, saying goodbye. Kayleigh left us on Monday straight after our presentation, but I know I’ll talk to her like every couple of days on the phone because she’s clingy like that :P. It was weird only cooking for myself though! I went back with Leanne to Stoke/Alton Towers on Tuesday, and then came back to Leeds on Thursday. It was sad times leaving Leanne, but I know I’ll see her again in about 6 weeks anyway when we move across to the house. I also said goodbye to Faye on Friday. This was somehow harder than saying bye to Leanne. I will miss them both the same, but Faye’s more emotional I guess so saying bye was quite weird, although it was good that she was on the phone and we were in the middle of the pavement so we had no time to get upset or silly! Which was good. I’m seeing Sam in a bit but I won’t be sad leaving him cause he’s a loser. 🙂


Item number three – I have just applied for a job as an extra in “Adult Films”. LOL. It’s really well paid apparently and you can just be a background extra, a voyeur or get really into it with the ‘popular porn stars’. HAHA. What an experience it would be!! My brother John is also really keen for me to get it, so he and his friend can pitch their ideas to a real producer lol. This could generally be a really good thing. Or it could be awful. But we’ll hope it’s brilliant lol. Fingers crossed for me guys! Haha.


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