Anise-seed (anasna) and expands plentifully regarding the area ; and that, perhaps, the existing indigenous name

The fruit looks good Prunus, but the species is not proven to myself, that’s similarly uncommon to my Moroccan correspondents

by cost-hunters. Mulai Mohammed, the great building Sultan, started initially to re-erect the new property, and it is out of his leadership which received the name of ” White Home”. But most of the test is positioned on the Europeans’ ways. There are many different bare home gardens or other locations within the structure ; in case brand new foreign people get too-good a hold on tight the area, and you may produce side-effect, building situation is not allowed to pass the new doorways, additionally the export-duty to your maize is 105 per cent. Leo’s description is very incorrect ; to own except that his haphazard shot in the Romans as the creators, it is not sixty kilometers north away from Atlas, or 30 east out of Azamor. ” Melons and pome-citrons” come in the first ” mellone elizabeth citrinola”, melons and cucumbers ; possibly pumpkins. “The fresh Area off Cadiz, otherwise of your own Portugals”, “Isola di Calice a good tutta la riviera di Portogallo” Cadiz is on a good peninsula, instead of an isle. The old Italian title is actually ” Calix”, plus in English it used to be called ” Cales”. (4) Predicated on Ibn Khaldun (A good.D. 1332-1406), followed closely by Leo, oriented by the Yakub este-Mansur (A great.D. We 163-1184). But that’s mere culture recommended because of the term, as there are absolutely nothing to reveal that may possibly not has actually been of a later date. During the Chenier’s go out it had been just ” a great wretched palace”. Rohlfs evidently likely to get a hold of a town ; however in truth the place try never ever more the newest fort constructed on a kind of fortified ” Nzla”, otherwise resting-put, where travellers you can expect to pass the night in place of possibility on the robbers infesting the nation to ; even when, surely, a number of households of individuals wanting using the services of the latest wayfarers attained to they. The fresh new Kasbah Mansur, on the nothing Wad Mansur (Le oi ” Guir”=Gir, a common identity to possess rivers one of many Berbers), or Wad en-Nfifek (this new lump river) on Renou’s chart, happens to be on all that stays ; yet , for the Mulai este-Yezid’s big date, El-Mansuria had been used in their amazing purpose. (Ezziani, Ettordjemdn Elmdarib, etc., pp. 164, 176.) (5) Nuchaila, otherwise Nucheyla, comprised, inside the Leo’s day, off nothing more than an excellent mosque tower, all people being lost throughout the damage that Yakub el-Mansur went to Temesna (note dos). You’ll find nothing now known about this. Despite Marmol’s big date it absolutely was no longer dentro de facts, because of the malfunction, than simply a mere backup away from Leo’s. Title are “Nkhei’la”, a place so named still-existing into the Wad Zgid, from the

Mulai Abd emergency room-Rahman continued his grandfather’s really works, until Dar al-Beida (a name just seen in official account) has grown to become, with the exception of Tangier, the newest most hectic, otherwise a knowledgeable port off Morocco, as being the chief retailer for the maize and you can woolgrowing country at the rear of

Dra Basin, that, perhaps not improbably, brand new survivors of your own Temesna town escaped. (6) Leo refers to the position as well loosely because of its webpages to get shown ; but since it is destroyed in the course of Yakub este-Mansur’s peacemaking, when most of the Temesna is turned into a wasteland, and four many years back consisted of little more than several spoils, it’s impractical you to their website you’ll now end up being traced. Marmol perils the fresh new view, probably from the Latin-group of title, it is centered by the Romans. There are numerous tribal fractions on Sus Basin named ” Aderdur”. New ” vr Adendun” e regarding” Aderdun”, a Berber phrase signifying ” resounding”. This new latitude conveyed is actually far north towards day-hand so you can ripen, and far of the nation in this guidelines try ferruginous in the tone. (7) Tegeget, otherwise Tegegilt, of Marmol. It was razed to your preceding metropolitan areas, however, did actually provides lured several society, engaged in smith benefit the latest neighbouring producers. ” Teg”, otherwise ” Tag”, models the initial section and you may past of Berber tribal names ; but if some thing now stays from it, the fresh town lesbian hookup apps ads have to be unimportant. It’s maybe Tezezat, a place allowed to be near the Um er-Rbia. (8) Hain este-Challu, which may perhaps be more correctly created ‘Ain este-Kallu, ” the fresh new Kallu Spring”-” Ain”, as it versions section of of many Berber names, always meaning so it. When you look at the Leo’s big date it looks to possess already been thoroughly effaced, though it is not hopeless one to Ain Sbah, southern out of Masurea, scratching the website. The common Morocco toad, which Leo seemed to be amazed at maybe not finding venomous, are Bufo Mauretanica; but the guy most likely means the typical frog, Rana esculenta. (9) ” Rabato”, regarding fresh. ” Not many yeeres back” (ne tempi moderni) must, such ” grandissima” placed on Rabat, be studied from inside the a relative feel. To have, indeed, according to the greatest authorities, mcdougal of Roudh este-Kartas and you may Abd este-Wahed Merakeshi being among the most crucial, it absolutely was going by Yakub este-Mansur regarding the year 1190 A beneficial.D., or even more than simply five many years just before Leo published. Abu-1-feda, but not, frequently on questionable next-hands power off Ibn-Told you, while others duplicating him, affirms one Abd el-Mumen is the creator away from ” Rabath este-Fath”, that he outlined into make of Iskandariyyah (Alexandria). The guy also includes it up having El-Mahadiyyah, otherwise Mahdiyyah, and therefore Meters. Solvet, who favours Abd este-Mumen’s says once the creator, imagines becoming various other identity having Rabat, and consider Abd el-Mumen’s title out of Mahdi. But all this was incorrect. Just like the Meters. Fagnan


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