Unbeknownst to her, the man she chooses as her lover is Peregrine Ashby, the dashing new Earl of Rutland

My Lord, My Rogue by Anna St Claire:Anna St Claire, sucked me straight in with her well written, fascinating tale, rife with emotion, intriguing characters, harrowing circumstances and mystery. Where romance, conspiracy, redemption and espionage collide as Benjamin seeks to woo the heart of the one he thought forever lost.Honora having paid greatly for one naive and misguided plan, finds herself not only hurtfully jilting her childhood friend, whilst being infatuated with another, but left drowning in the deep water of an abusive marriage and desperately grasping for escape. Three years later, having faked her own death, her past rides to meet her forcing her to expose the secrets that have so long festered. But can love break through a wall of selfdoubt and caution to find the vibrant confidence and spark she once had? It took one: fast paced, fun, heartwarmingly romantic and achingly fraught array of twists and turns – with a good overshadowing of espionage induced peril – to make this an adventure that kept me hooked until the end. Such a beautiful tale about the power of forgiveness and second chances!

Resulting in a wonderful way to end a boxset by 6 such gifted story weavers. Where each additional tale feeds into a compelling individual series that I will eagerly be hunting out and devouring in the future.

Escaping the Earl by Lauren Smith 5 StarsSabrina Talleyrand is desperate to avoid being ‘sold’ by her brother in to a forced marriage to pay his debts so the only way out is to be compromised. The best man for the job is a handsome stranger she meets at a ball. When Sabrina and Peregrine’s one night of passion has more consequences than simply stopping an unwanted marriage, Peregrine must win back Sabrina’s broken heart.

Stephen is oblivious of the feelings Bridget unearths, denying himself any possible happiness because he fears he has not been built to be a family man. When Bridget does not fear to revise her own oath if it is the right path, but she will not rush her heart again for crumbs of affection, it is all or nothing.5 stars

Strong characters & a fast paced story had me devouring this lovely novella

1. WHEN A ROGUE FALLS By Sasha Cottman2. ESCAPING THE EARL By Lauren Smith3. THIS ROGUE OF MINE By Amanda Mariel4. LOVING MY WICKED ROGUE By Dawn Brower5. THE TROUBLE WITH ROGUES By Nadine Millard6. MY LORD, MY ROGUE By Anna St. Claire

I loved to watch them interacting together

When a Rogue Falls, by Sasha Cottman. I enjoyed the mystery and the drama of this story. Bridget and Stephen I believe made somewhat of a good detective duo. I understood the story very well. The story was written very clearly for the reader to follow the plot to the story. The dialogue and conversations was easy to follow. The story didn’t lead down a dull path to where the reader loses interest in the story. I have to say that the love affair between Stephen and Bridget was very spicy. The writing of the scenes leaves the reader imagining all sorts of juicy things that the two partook in when all was settled in their lives. The entertainment of the story was great.

The Trouble With Rogues by Nadine Millard:Well written, engaging and believable with characters that really create a picture in your mind, are relatible, entertaining and really get under your skin. Ophelia, so afraid of becoming her mother, settles for the life of a spinster and teacher until one spoilt hoyden of a charge leads her into the path of a notorious rake, Caleb, and makes her question her safe choices. Caleb, outgrowing his roguish lifestyle and wallowing in his need for more meaning in his life, collides with, and fast becomes intrigued by the anonymous fire ball miss. As she instantly douses his boredom, peaks his curiosity and draws him in like no other. Can one night filled by desire fuelled discovery be enough?This was one marvellous tale brimming with sexual chemistry and https://hookupdate.net/senior-sizzle-review/ sharp wit as one taste of passion sparks and ignites into something so heartwarmingly intimate and raw. A touchingly joyful and fun read!


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