Modern-day English Variation Dads and you may sons commonly change against both, and you can mothers and you will de

English Important Version They’ll be separated, dad up against son and you will son against father, mommy facing daughter and you may daughter up against mom, mother-in-legislation facing the girl child-in-legislation and you will daughter-in-legislation up against mother-in-legislation.”

The brand new American Bible a dad would be split up against their child and you may a guy against their dad, a parent against the lady child and you will a girl against this lady mother, a moms and dad-in-rules against the girl child-in-laws and you can a child-in-law against the lady mom-in-law

Berean Data Bible They’ll be split up, father up against boy and you can son facing dad, mommy up against child and you will girl facing mom, mother-in-laws facing girl-in-rules and girl-in-legislation up against mother-in-laws.”

Aramaic Bible from inside the Ordinary English “Having a father could well be separated against his son and son facing their dad, mom facing their child and you will child facing the woman mom, mother-in-laws up against their girl-in-rules and you can child-in-rules against this lady mother-in-legislation

Berean Literal Bible They’ll certainly be divided dad against boy and you will boy against father, mother against daughter and you can daughter facing mother, mother-in-laws facing their daughter-in-rules and you may child-in-rules against mom-in-laws.”

Queen James Bible The father can be split contrary to the child, in addition to guy up against the father; mom resistant to the daughter, while the girl against the mother; mom in law facing the lady daughter in law, and the daughter-in-law up against her mother in law.

New Queen James Variation Father will be split up facing kid and you will man against dad, mom facing girl and you may child facing mother, mother-in-law facing her girl-in-law and you can girl-in-rules against the lady mom-in-rules.”

The fresh new Western Important Bible They will be split, dad up against man and guy against dad, mommy against child and you can daughter up against mommy, mother-in-legislation facing girl-in-laws and you may child-in-rules facing mother-in-rules.”

NASB 1995 &#8220They might possibly be split, father up against kid and you will boy facing dad, mom facing child and you can girl facing mommy, mother-in-laws facing girl-in-legislation and you will girl-in-rules up against mommy-in-law.&#8221

NASB 1977 “They’ll certainly be divided, dad up against boy, and kid against father; mom facing child, and you will girl against mother; mother-in-rules up against daughter-in-rules, and you will child-in-rules against mommy-in-law.”

Amplified Bible They will be separated, father against son and you will son facing father, mom up against child and you may daughter facing mommy, mother-in-legislation up against daughter-in-law and girl-in-laws against mom-in-laws.”

Christian Important Bible They’ll certainly be split up, dad facing boy, guy facing father, mom up against child, girl up against mommy, mother-in-law facing the woman daughter-in-rules, and you will daughter-in-laws up against mother-in-rules. ”

Holman Religious Basic Bible They shall be divided, father facing kid, boy against dad, mommy up against girl, child against mommy, mother-in-laws against her daughter-in-rules, and you can child-in-law facing mother-in-law.&#8221

Western Practical Variation They will be split, father against boy, and you may guy up against dad; mother facing daughter, and you will girl facing the girl mommy; mother in law against this lady daughter in law, and you can daughter in law up against the lady mother-in-law.

Douay-Rheims Bible The father can be split up from the kid, plus the boy against his dad, mom up against the child, plus the child up against the mother, mom in-law facing this lady daughter in law, additionally the daughter in law facing this lady mother-in-law.

Good news Interpretation Dads was up against the sons, and you can sons facing its fathers; parents would be up against its daughters, and you can daughters against its moms and dads; mothers-in-legislation could well be facing their girl-in-legislation, and you may daughters-in-laws against the mothers-in-laws.”

In the world Practical Adaptation They’ll be split up dad against kid, child against father, mother facing child, daughter up against mom, mother-in-legislation up against girl-in-legislation, and you can girl-in-legislation facing mother-in-laws.”

Literal Basic Adaptation a dad might possibly be separated up against a man, and you can a boy facing a father, a mother up against a child, and you will a child against a moms and dad, a father or mother-in-legislation facing the lady girl-in-legislation, and you may a daughter-in-rules against the woman mom-in-laws.”


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