I do not understand why people have to pay to the sins of their father’s polygamous or were unsuccessful relationship

The problem after that is not such with the benefits and cons off polygamy, however, more towards irresponsible behaviour of a few guys, the crappy oranges, exactly who, after they enter into a love which have brand new females, forget about the previous spouse/wives and children, such as for instance my father and Jerry’s dad–there are so many of these. Which in my opinion is a big disease, specifically just like the specific female intentionally go into polygamous relationship in order to ruin just what boy currently has actually. Such, towards sighting an abundant boy which have an attractive family relations and you will domestic, particular people is going to do something for this people’s riches, even playing with juju to help you damage and you can eliminate the competition girlfriend/spouses. Trust in me, even though you do not think in juju, after remaining in Africa long enough and you can seeing simply some off Nigerian movies, you accept that certain girls fool around with juju to try and get what they want.

Then there’s the challenge of a few divorced males being released of a failed matchmaking, performing afresh having the fresh new girls and you will neglecting all about the old parents. Why would so it happens? why would a guy ensure it is their brand new wife to help you damage the fresh new relationship and you will love the guy once had to possess his almost every other family? Just how do one decide one to just like the he’s a separate wife, he will no longer lead to the children along with his old girlfriend?

Anybody fallout from like for hours on end, however, to fall off love along with your pupils on account of another woman?

This isn’t unusual to know tales of children shedding away off school just after their fathers marry almost every other lady. Or reports regarding dads sending kids of previous failed marriages to stick with other household members as their the brand new spouses wouldn’t like the fresh college students to. Trust in me, I’ve heard certain headache reports of kids that have a challenging date as a result of their fathers marrying the fresh new spouses.

Communicate with a few of the youngsters hawking sweets and other wares on roads from Africa, and you will be shocked to find out that from inside the a lot from cases, its fathers prevented being guilty of him or her when it ously otherwise just after a hit a brick wall experience of their moms and dads, why would it function as the instance? Just how can he validate compassionate and you will caring some students he has put to the the world and not anybody else? exactly what possesses men once he has got taken the second wife to disregard their love and you can debt so you’re able to 1st partner and you will people?

Why must a person prevent with a significant experience of his college students when he marries an other woman?

Today, my friend Jerry desires get married an infertile woman (or even an adult woman who’s reached age menopause) given that they are a divorced father that have two children. Now, since his action-sisters squabble more than its inactive father’s assets along with his mommy and two other wives off his father’s reaches for each other people’s throats, Jerry was getting a back-seat and you may reminding himself concerning future of their children. The guy does not want a posture where 1 day the children of his individuals spouses manage struggle one another over possessions he makes trailing. Very he could be interested in a keen infertile girl in order to wed. I’m which is a tremendously radical services, and so i produced an advice to help you mm–contact a legal professional, and you will share all your possessions because the just jak dziaÅ‚a caribbeancupid as you can, legitimately during the a might. Because that is another topic of several (wealthy) people inside the Africa dont would–get off a could. Wills commonly also accepted in certain African places. Yet it is the latest logical course of action.


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