New plaine round regarding it (except it is toward sea northward) is virtually fowerscore kilometers ouer

To own vpon the latest surprize from Anfa the inhabitants for the towne fled vnto Rebat, fearing minimum they also is always to haue beene assailed of the Portugals

His greatest towne is depending because of the Romans vpon the ocean sea shore, northward from Atlas sixtie, eastward off Azamur sixtie, and you will westward regarding Rebat fortie miles. The new residents thereof have been most ciuill and you may wealthie anybody : brand new fields thereto adioyning is exceeding fruitfull for everyone kinde out of graine : neither doe I thinke, one people towne in every Africa is for charming condition similar thereto. Inside olde day it absolutely was filled having stately temples, steeped ware-domiciles and you will shop, and you will beautifull palaces : that the monuments

up to now kept doe sufficiently testifie. That they had plus very highest and effectuer gardens, out-of which they collect great wealth from fruit, raya reddit specifically off melons, and you will pomecitrons euen at this time : every which happen to be well ready because of the middle-Aprill. So that the society vsually carrie the fruits vnto Fez, by reason why the fresh fresh fruit from Fez are not therefore soone mature. Their clothes is slim and you will pretty good, in addition they haue alwaies got higher traffique to the Portugals and the newest English trafEnglish. Likewise they haue of numerous learned boys among them. Howbeit a couple explanations are alleaged of exhaustion of the towne: earliest, because they have been as well desirous off libertie; and you can secondly, for that they managed certaine gallics otherwise foistes, wherewith they each day molested new Isle off Cadiz in addition to Portugals. Wherefore in more detail the newest queen from Portugall sent an effective nauie regarding fiftie sailes facing him or her, the fresh new idea whereof strooke such as terrour into the inhabitants, one to providing such merchandise as they you are going to carrie, certain escaped to help you Rebat, and others in order to Sela, and therefore the towne -^”ff ^s/iviw ‘

Generall of your leaders fleete being unsure of which they was basically fled, lay all the their pushes on battell-range

are kept naked into the spoile of your own enemie. Although gals. Howbeit over time becoming aduertised the way the number endured, he held his soldiers into citie, that one daies area it so defaced, consuming the house, and you can installing this new walles euen into the surface, one vntill this very day it hath remained voide from inhabitants. My personal selfe in this one, I coulde scarce refraine off teares, once i surely beheld this new miserable ruine from too many faire buildings and you will temples, whereof particular monuments is up to now extant. The fresh gardens, albeit they give foorth particular good fresh fruit, yet are they a lot more like vnto trees up coming home gardens. And now by the need of your king off Fez his weaknes and default, this one is dropped to the great paralyzing desparation, when i vtterly despaire, you to euer it will be inhabited againe.step three

Of your own citie off Mansora. Their towne try centered from the Mansor the latest king and you will Mahumetan patriarke regarding Maroco vpon a most pleasant job, are several miles distant in the Sea water, fiue and you can twenty miles regarding Rebat, and you may flue and twentie off Anfa: it within times previous nearly fower hundred or so family. By this towne runneth a good certaine riuer entitled by the population Guir, on both parties whereof in times past was extremely beautifull landscapes, however now there are no fresh fruit at all can be found. Howbeit the new wall surface in the towne remained all whole, sauing the Arabians off Temesne braking system it downe during the certaine locations. So it towne and additionally I will not however with higher sadness view ; getting easie it was to repaire it, and also to present they with the latest populace, in the event that just a few households was indeed saued out-of ruine: however, particularly ‘s the malice of your own Arabians thereabout, that they can experience no individuals reedifie a comparable.4


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