It had in times past an enormous territorie, and you can higher store of inhabitants

His towne standeth almost twentie kilometers eastward from Fez, and you can are established by the familie out-of Zeneta, vpon brand new banke regarding a most beautifull riuer. On each party of the saide riuer are many home gardens and vineyards. The new kings out of Fez was in fact woont to help you assigne that it towne vnto the latest gouernour of the camels ; in this new warre away from Sahid it absolutely was therefore destroied and wasted, you to at this day scarce will there be one regard to wals to be found. But the industries thereof are actually in the hands certaine men from Fez, and of this new pesants.85 Of the castle off Hubbed.

Maybe not farre using this castle there is a beneficial certaine sexy shower, whereunto Abulhezen A hot bathe the new 4th king of one’s ily added a faire strengthening, vnto which bath immediately following a yeere regarding moneth from Aprill brand new gentlemen out of Fez constantly resort, remaining indeed there fower otherwise fiue daies along with her

His castle standeth vpon the side off a keen slope, on the sixe kilometers from Fez, and you will off and this you can also beholde this new citie away from Fez, and all of new territorie adiacent. It was centered by a beneficial certaine hermite off Fez, getting reputed to own a person from only one holines. The newest areas thereto that belong are not verie high, bicause the fresh houses being dissolved, it is vtterly destitute out of people, new wals onely and the

New reuenues of the set was basically giuen vnto the favorable forehead off Fez, but thefielde thereof are tilled because of the certaine Arabians house about area for Fez

temple as yet kept. In this palace I liued fower summertimes, becauseth they standeth for the plenty of fish a lot of charming aire, becoming separate of concurse of people, and you will a good solitarie lay fitte to have one in order to studie from inside the : to own my dad got got a rent of one’s crushed adioining to this castle in the gouernour of one’s temple, for the majority of yeeres.86 Of the towne away from Zauia. The guy towne from Zauia are oriented from the Ioily, that is distant off Fez from the fowerteene miles. Heere queen Ioseph depending a stately hospitall, and you may demanded you to his corps shoulde be interred inside towne. But it was not his luck heere are hidden, for he had been slaine regarding warres up against Tremizen. Out of thencefoorth Zauia fell so you’re able to decay and you can increased destitute out of people, where at that establish the fresh hospitall onely remaineth. 87

‘He old castle from Chaulan is created vpon the riuer JL Sebu, 7 miles southward from Fez. There is no ciuilitie to be found within palace: to your populace is actually legs someone, and you can exceeding couetous.88 Of the mountaine off Zelag. Their mountaine beginneth eastward in the riuer from Sebu, stretching thence almost fowerteene miles westward, and also the high area thereof towards the north, is seuen

kilometers distant regarding Fez. The new south section of which mountaine is actually vtterly destitute away from society; although north front side is actually surpassing fertile, and you can planted that have high store regarding castles and you can townes. Most of their fields try imployed on the wineries, the brand new grapes whereof are the sweetest you to definitely euer We tasted, thereby on the other hand is actually their oliues, and other fruitsThe population becoming verie rich, features many of them house from the citie of Fez. And thus while doing so most part of the men off Fez haue vineyards vpon new saide mountaine. On north foote of this mountaine the latest industries try rejuvenated with kinde from graine and you will fruits. For all that plaine is watered southward on riuer Sebu: this is where the latest gardiners that have certaine artificiall wheeles and you can engines mark liquids out from the riuer to help you dampen their gardens. Inside plaine is actually wel-nigh a couple hundreth acres off crushed, brand new reuenues whereof was giuen vnto the latest kings master out-of ceremonies, howbeit the guy maketh thereof maybe not aboue fiue hundreth ducates a great yeere: the brand new tenth section of all and this reuenues, amounting to three thousand bushels off corne, belongeth toward kings prouision.89 Regarding attach Zarhon.


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