Into the Thursday 2 nd a keyed in his record: brand new Fantastic Grove stood away in the day break

HUMPHRIES Henry (Charlotte) from inside the July 1791 try maintaining himself on a questionnaire Area package and you will revealing a beneficial 9 times sow provided by the government with Widdlecombe and you will James Nowland

Extract on the Log from John Light, General Surgeon toward Payment: dos nd Oct – The brand new Golden Grove sailed having Norfolk Isle, having a reinforcement regarding male and female convicts; a couple of totally free males, due to the fact backyard gardeners; an effective midshipman throughout the Sirius to help you refill the latest vacancy occasioned by loss of Mr Cunningham; an effective sergeant, corporal, and you may half dozen privates; and you will a source of necessaries having 18 months.

Personal Marines from the Sirius DUKES Thomas – stayed toward Island up to March 1791 – returned and you can obtained good sixty acre offer in the Arthur’s Vale – was attempting to sell offer to areas from the 1793. He left this new Isle and you can entered the newest NSW Corps towards the uel – compensated towards Isle and you can lived with Mary Rolt. Partnered from inside the 1807, not so you’re able to Mary Rolt; he farmed up until 1808. Rather than a spouse otherwise son, Samuel kept the new Area having Van Diemen’s Land toward City of Edinburgh. WIGFALL Samuel – gone back to Port Jackson inside the March 1791 and his obligation which have the latest NSW Corps, looking at Norfolk Island from inside the adopting the ages into various boats up until he was discharged in the Corps from inside the 1797. WILLIAMS James – returned to Vent Jackson during the March 1791. Deciding to be a settler he returned to the latest Island and you may try provided 60 miles regarding homes at the Phillipsburg. During the 1792 and you will back to Vent Jackson he rejoined the latest NSW Corps, released themselves up coming rejoined, offering all in all, twenty six ages before the NSW Corps is taken during the 1810. WILLIAMSON John/James – Handled the new Isle due to the fact a beneficial Smith. Returned to Port Jackson for the March 1791 – returned to England and you will is discharged in the Deptford in-may 1792.

BRYANT John (Charlotte) had partnered Ann Coombes during the Port Jackson

Free Males GOWEN John – Corporal 47 th Portsmouth Business (Sirius) Gone back to Vent Jackson March 1791, but later on returned to settle in the October 1791. A year later the guy returned to Port Jackson. DONOVAN Stephen – Second Companion (Alexander) Donovan got work out-of exercise some of the free members of the employment of muskets for each and every Friday. Try commended to own their habits, whenever in the danger of their lifestyle, he helped save the ship’s company immediately after Sirius is actually destroyed in the March 1790. LIVINGSTONE John – Ship’s Carpenter (Sirius) Returned to Vent Jackson February 1791 and you may try appointed grasp carpenter into the Sydney. SMYTH (SMITH) Thomas – Corporal twenty-six th Portsmouth Company – Left brand new Isle in may 1791. He had been promoted provost-marshal by the Governor Huntsman and you will acquired several offers out of home from the Bulanaming within the 1794-95. Pursuing the his dying in the 1804, he was considering a formal funeral service in the Sydney that have armed forces awards.

Twenty-one to Men Convicts ALLEN John (Alexander) Gone back to Port Jackson in early December 1789. ANDERSON John (Charlotte) is actually employed to assist John Altree and you will Thomas Webb during the Ball’s Bay. Together with his wife Elizabeth Bruce and you will kid are subsisting to your good you to acre allowance from the Sydney Area. BLACKHALL William (Alexander) try support a couple of persons for the a single acre lot on Sydney Area. He shared a good sow having Ann Yeoman and you may a good pig that have Joshua Peck and Mary Frost. Towards 28/7/1789 he had been slain of the a dropping forest. DAVIS James (Scarborough) had partnered Martha (Patience) Burkitt within the Port Jackson. In July 1791 he had been subsisting around three individuals (his partner and you will a good Mary Fowler) into the a-one acre Questionnaire Area lot which have 120 rod eliminated.

DRING William (Alexander) Ralph Clark called your ideal Rascall living – spent date with the Nepean Isle when you look at the irons. By-end from 1792 are attempting to sell grain with the bodies regarding a small allowance. Up coming living with Ann Forbes, they both remaining the new Isle to the Daedalus during the 1794. DYER Leonard (Alexander) received four dozen lashes for Mutinous Words & daring words to Mr Donovan. Because of the July 1791 he was subsisting towards a-one acre package, which have 133 rod cleaned. FRANCIS William (Alexander) turned out to be in all respects a pointless difficult Wretch. Is victualled while the good prisoner from inside the 1802 immediately following which have stowed out and you will rescued in the Dusky Bay New Zealand – died towards the Norfolk Isle in January 1804.


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