His mountaine is out of good wonderfull level, and verie hard to climb

Vpon the top which mountaine you will find a beneficial certaine caue or gap one to constantly Good caue otherwise gap

‘His is a fantastic and you may really peopled mountaine, however it step 1 yeeldeth nought however, red grapes, whereof they vse to make the foresaid Zibibbo and you will drink. Brand new inhabitants was indeed in times past free of all the tribute ; howbeit in regard of the every single day burglaries and you may outrages the amount of time against other people, the latest gouernour from Bedis getting helped with souldiers off Fez, discreet all of them, and you can depriued her or him of their libertie : within this mountaine discover about fiftie farmes or granges, which barely pay fower hundred or so ducates for tribute.173 Regarding Attach Lucai. Brand new population is actually exceeding steeped, hauing great abundance off raisins, figs, almonds, oyle, quinces, and you will pome-citrons: and you can hold however, flue and you may thirtie kilometers faraway of Fez, it carrie all of their fruits and merchandise thither. He could be most gentlemen, and you will verie pleased and you may high minded, so that they create neuer shell out any tribute after all : getting they know that their mountaine is really so fortified naturally, that it try not to easily be refined : right here as well most of the including is actually banished away from Fez, but onely adulterers, was amicable captivated : on society are very iealous, that they can know no adulterers within their societie. The newest king out of Fez granteth them of numerous priuileges and you will fauours, in regard of the higher commodities he reapeth from their mountaine.174

His mountaine is almost thirtie miles much time, and on the ten miles wide : it’s diuided toward around three parts, and betweene which and also the mountaines aforementioned manage certaine nothing riuers. The newest inhabitants was most valiant &

warlike people, however, really oppressed and you can burthened which have exactions by gouernor regarding Fez, who euery yeere demaundeth associated with the mountaine having tribute eighteen thousand ducates: the fresh mountaine in reality aboundeth with grapes, oliues, figs, and flaxe, for which higher summes away from mony is increased ; howbeit whatsoeuer they could assemble goeth presently into the gouernour off Fez, just who hath their officers and you may receiuers about mountaine, and this doe miserably oppresse and you may bribe the brand new society : inside mountaine are a great quantity of villages and you may hamlets, one to containe certain an enthusiastic hundred or so, and several 200 parents and you may aboue: of professional & instructed troops it haue aboue fiue & twentie thousand, & is located at continuall war that have those people that border vpon her or him. Nevertheless queen out-of Fez for people who are slaine toward each other parts requireth great sums off mony, to ensure the guy gaineth much of the their dissensions. Contained in this mountaine there was a certaine towne indifferently well peopled, and supplied with every kinde away from artificers ; whereunto the fresh sphere belonging maruellously abounde that have red grapes, quinces, and you can pome-citrons, that are offered at Fez: listed here are as well high shop of linnen weauers, and lots of iudges and you can lawyers. They haue along with a beneficial sector, whereunto new people of your neighbor mountaines hotel.

casteth vice president fire. Particular woondenng significantly within count, ally casteth haue shed within the timber, that was unexpectedly ate in order to ashes : We my personal selfe neuer watched so on magic in every most other put, in order that an excellent manie thinke it to be heck-lips.175 Out of attach Benigueriaghell. T standeth neer vnto this new mountaine last-mentioned, and yet the latest populace ones mountaines are at continuall warre and you will discord.

At feet in the mountaine there is a large plaine which extendeth into territorie from Fez, and you may through the same runneth you to riuer which the

society telephone call Guarga datingranking.net/tr/ifnotyounobody-inceleme/. This mountaine greatly aboundeth having oyle, corne, and you can flaxe, in which cause listed below are great store regarding linnen-weauers. The greatest element of al its products try achieved on the kings vse, so that they hence if not manage prooue surpassing steeped, becom through this meanes starke beggers, and therefore specifically because of the need of courtiers continuall extortions. He or she is folks of a keen ingenuous and you will valiant spirits. Sculdiers it haue almost twelue thousand, and also to what number of threescore communities.176


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