He says your only material they can remember is actually contacting the new medically advanced Vidiians

To your a gorgeous globe on the Delta Quadrant, Commander Chakotay, and Head Kathryn Janeway is awakened using their stasis equipment by the The doctor, whom account that they have been in stasis to possess seventeen weeks. The guy regrets to share with him or her one, even after all their and Kes’ jobs, he’s got perhaps not found a cure for the illness the 2 officers was infected with. It would appear that the only way both officers can avoid developing brand new fatal symptoms would be to stick to the whole world, in which an as yet not known function could possibly manage her or him throughout the disease’s effects. Janeway terminates the fresh new com link to talk about the condition which have Chakotay, and you will one another agree that the new Vidiians carry out probably assault this new crew having body parts in place of provide assistance. Chakotay asks if they you certainly will live with on their own shortly after sending the brand new USS Voyager towards the that type of hazard. Janeway’s suggested response is no.

Resolutions (episode)

Janeway hails Lieutenant Tuvok and you can requires your if he previously heard The newest Doctor’s report. Whenever Tuvok feedback which he keeps, Janeway says to your you to definitely she is turning over demand of Voyager so you’re able to your towards a permanent basis. She sales him setting a course towards the Alpha Quadrant, and you may, even with just what Doc claims, never to get in touch with the fresh Vidiians. Tuvok understands that he knew Janeway’s instructions. Janeway tells Tuvok you to she’s going to get ready an email into team.

Act One to

Tuvok, Lieutenants B’Elanna Torres and you will Tom Paris, Kes, Neelix, and Ensign Harry Kim discuss the captain’s last acquisition to depart her or him about while in a conference in the briefing room. Torres and Paris is understandably and you can vocally distraught during the applicant, if you are Kes says to visitors the Doctor has not deactivated himself to have 1 month trying every choice to have a remedy and therefore he cannot be at fault. Neelix claims one to staff morale will suffer “when we exit them at the rear of.” Tuvok asserts it is maybe not a point of in the event the, however, regarding after they log off new master and you will Chakotay behind, as the choice has already been made. Tuvok guarantees the new crew that they’ll have all new technological amenities they will need, hence the new head, “a ready scientist,” will work fine to your hope for its trojan. Will be she ensure it is, he’s got a form nine shuttlecraft at the their convenience. Paris scoffs that during the a high rate out of warp cuatro, it will take him or her seven-hundred many years to track down family. About whole replace, Kim is actually hushed and you can dejected, and you can stays in his seat immediately following Tuvok dismisses the employees.

Janeway and you may Chakotay begin to see to during the the things moved on them. She lists out-of a dizzying selection of research gadgets that have calculated optimism, to ensure Chakotay you to definitely the woman is pretty sure to find a remedy. Chakotay starts carrying its makeshift security more than, and you can requires the girl which ways she wished they. She informs place the gray externally therefore the beige inside, as she has usually searched top from inside the beige. Janeway says that it might be enjoyable so you can rough it having sometime. Chakotay statements you to definitely in place of shelter, furniture, tricorders, and you will a great replicator, it had been http://www.datingranking.net/de/dating-in-ihren-30ern too crude getting your. Janeway feedback that they don’t, although not, have a shower, incase Chakotay inquires with what she setting, she says one a shower is actually the lady favorite technique for relaxing. She along with tells your that, since they aren’t for the a command construction any further, that he is always to label their Kathryn. A small threatened, the guy informs the girl one to she is always to bring him a few days on that.


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