The guy next entrusts Yuma with a card who would allow them so you’re able to profit the brand new Duel

Shark’s relationship which have Yuma together with helped your inside the dealing with “Numbers” notes

However, the guy has particular prize, when he returned Bronk’s Deck upon shedding in order to Yuma as he promised and you will staying every Porches however stolen away from individuals totally unchanged. [17] 1st overcome to Yuma have humbled your in a sense that he’s no further very horrible to people, once the revealed when he productivity Yuma’s chandelier shortly after successful a keen Ante Duel in it at stake. [13] He as well as generally seems to put far more faith in securities and friendship, found by the his determination to create a team having Yuma throughout the Mark Duel that have Scorch and you may Chills. [19] Shark also attempts to rescue Emperor’s Trick out-of Kite Tenjo and you may Orbital 7 when it is stolen, clearly stating that the guy sees Yuma just like the his friend. On Duel with Kite, Shark remembers Yuma, and that Yuma could not stop. [20]

Whenever “Amount 17: Leviathan Dragon” came in connection with your, it without difficulty got hold of your. [1] But not, he had been able to fight off the new determine off “Shark Drake” on account of his thread having Yuma, and then make your the initial known individual have the ability to eliminate the new dictate of your “Numbers” in the place of a separate item or strength. Despite having the ability to initially fighting this new determine, Vetrix said that they did contaminate your and it’ll amplify his darkness because of his desire to need revenge up against Quattro. [21] However, after a beneficial Duel with Yuma, and you can viewing his bumbling antics, new darkness got gone away. [18]

not, just after recognizing his destiny due to the fact good Barian, he implemented their cold identity once more, saying that fate received him and Yuma together to fight facing each other. Not able to thought serenity as the an alternative despite his relationships having Astral and you can Yuma, he assaulted World with the other Barian Emperors. They are shown to work high pressure when Dueling, as shown through the their Duel that have Quattro. Tossing themselves totally to the their Barian persona, the guy incited his opponent’s fury, trying to feel disliked and you can seeking to make each other themselves and you can Quattro forget his big date just like the “Reginald”. [6] But not, it had been shown he had been doing this to guard the folks of the Barian Globe. In addition to whenever Girag looked like at risk, Nash quickly attempted to save your self him, indicating he cares for almost all, if not completely of the Barian Emperors (towards obvious exception regarding Vector). [22] The guy even burst for the tears within seeing Dumon’s dying. [23] The guy in addition to conveys sadness on Mizar’s passing. [24]

Inside the last duel against Yuma and you may Astral, Nash is been shown to be grief-impacted in order to have failed to cover the newest Barian Emperors and achieving didn’t make their fantasy be realized. The guy reaffirms their vow to store the brand new Barian Globe with their spirits within his front and you will became more and more desperate to overcome Yuma and you may Astral while they continued to thrive their the violence, culminating during the him implementing a crazed phrase in their last change. He was as well as visibly distraught after they finally were able to damage “CXyz Barian Vow”. Nevertheless, the guy came back back into their amicable notice once dropping so you can Yuma and being renewed from the Numeron Code.

Abilities [ revise ]

Throughout the their Duel up against Quattro around the globe Duel Festival, Shark merges their spirit together with “Number”, wearing the capacity to would A mess Xyz Development having “Matter 32: Shark Drake”, obtaining a red state of mind at exactly the same time. [25] [26] After the Duel up against Vector, Shark gained the ability to find Astral. [27] They are and additionally able to overcome the “Numbers” determine just after regular visibility, don’t effect the effects actually out of a beneficial “In pretty bad shape Matter”. [12] [28]


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