When he is requested in the event the he’d getting using, Shark answered the guy failed to feel just like it

The newest “Number” pierced his claws toward Shark’s boobs, however, Shark’s solid usually and you may connection to Yuma overcame the advantage of your own “Number” and then he used it to help you beat Trey

At the beginning of the world Duel Festival, the guy came across Yuma, who was panicking since the the guy did not have a middle Section. When he drove in the future a little while next, he stuck a tossed “Echo Force” cards, the credit you to definitely Shark with the their ban regarding the Federal Circuit, and it turned out to be Quattro, their adversary inside the past pro Duel. Quattro told me he on purpose set their Platform where Shark could see it, to acquire your disqualified. [41]

Trey told him to save the new credit and you can provided your a great Center Portion, revealing which he themselves already had a finished cardio

Quattro and showed that during the time Shark was not just affected by pressure of your Finals, but also due to a hope he built to their sister that has an accident and you can try hospitalized, so he was easily inclined to consider Quattro’s Patio. Quattro also states you to definitely possibly his sister’s collision was not really a happenstance. Infuriated, Shark recommended to help you Duel which have him again, but Quattro informed your to wait for the WDC and you will tossed your a heart Section just before departing. Shark upcoming made a decision to participate anyway, locate his rematch with Quattro. The guy fell to the Quattro’s pitfall again as Vetrix told your so you’re able to coerce Shark towards the participating in brand new carnival. [41]

After Kari Tsukumo bought Yuma to track down Charlie McCay, the guy read a crowd cheering. Comprehending that it will be an effective Duel, Yuma ran over to pick Shark defeat an unknown Duelist that have “Submersible Carrier Aero Shark”. Following the Duel, Yuma congratulated Shark and you will asked him as to why he previously decided to enter the WDC. Shark told Yuma about how precisely Quattro had abused his sibling toward a healthcare facility so you’re able to secret him to the are knocked from the nationals, now he wishes good rematch having Quattro, but after that, he’s going to quit the new WDC. Shark upcoming advised Yuma never to try him and you will following wandered regarding, disappearing from attention of Yuma and you can Tori. [44]

Inside second day’s this new WDC, immediately following Quattro outdone Bronk and you can Caswell within the a battle Regal Duel, Shark billed towards the city for the his motorbike, asking him in the event the he appreciated the face off his “Primary fan”. [21] Quattro accessible to Duel Shark, however, Trey snared Shark along with his Duel Anchor, avoiding the Duel and you will saying that Vetrix’s commands are natural. Quattro remaining when you look at the a cloud out-of dirt. Throughout the continuing Duel, Shark takes control over Trey’s “Number” monster, “Matter thirty two: Shark Drake”. When Shark was about to exit, he once more advised Yuma not be try your and you can rode out of. Even when he had been in a position to withstand the brand new “Numbers” because of the recalling his date which have Yuma, Shark nevertheless wished their payback facing Quattro for their aunt, which greet “Shark Drake” to contaminate Shark with a tiny virus (bluish on dub) that will amplify one darkness even more. Centered on Vetrix, it will help them with its decide to play with Shark. [45]

Whenever Yuma, Tori, and you can Astral were hoping to find Hart Tenjo, Shark spotted her or him about path above them and you will averted. The guy overheard Yuma calling out to possess Kite together with D-Gazer, leaving him questioning regarding the situation. [46] Into the 3rd day of the newest WDC, Shark continued to collect Heart Parts and brutally conquering of numerous Duelists since the power regarding “Number 32” started initially to use their influence on him, fueling their curiosity about revenge far more. He was confronted with Yuma, who let Shark need his fury out on him in an effective Duel. Realizing so it, Shark ultimately concerned his sensory faculties, for the dark of one’s “Number” disappearing and you will terminated the fresh new Duel https://datingranking.net/de/land-dating/. Ahead of the guy wandered regarding, the guy informed Yuma which they manage meet in the finals and provided your a grin. [18]


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