This woman is shown to possess started relationship Mikado

Afterwards regarding hospital, Anri and Masaomi are merchandise whenever Mikado wakes upwards from his wounds. She and confirms to Akabayashi one to she’s got emotions to possess Mikado hence they truly are her very own.

Durarara!! SH [ ]

She as well as starts powering this lady family relations store, Sonohara Hall. Since the starting the woman providers, she gets frequent visits away from Kasane Kujiragi to own team relations.

Once some of this lady regular customers, Yahiro, Himeka, and you can Kuon, get off Sonohara Hall, the woman is eventually approached by the an unknown child just who desires on her to offer the woman Saika or to also build your a great ‘child.’ Since this woman is unwilling to achieve this, the person leaves however, intends to revisit some other day. After you to definitely evening, she’s a break-into the with a few things about shops taken.

Mika Harima Arch [ ]

Anri takes care of Saika’s children and you will happens shortly after Haruna and Takashi. Shortly after Haruna asks just how Anri escaped and you may tries to cut her, Anri suggests herself just like the genuine wielder out of Saika. Once a quick fight, Anri pins Haruna down and you may reveals their previous. She tells of the lady abusive father and exactly how this lady mom put Saika so you can kill him when he nearly murdered Anri. Whenever Anri handled the brand new knife, she heard Saika’s voice talking with the woman. Anri decided to keep Saika invisible in this herself of one date toward, securing out the woman thoughts in the act, that can easily be the only method she could have existed sane compliment of Saika’s neverending proclamations from love inside the woman.

Anri match having Mikado and you can Aoba the next day, in which Aoba produces this lady embarrassing by the striking on her behalf, and you may Mikado are immediately accosted by a number of ex-members of brand new Red-colored Scarves finding payback. He’s spared by the Walker and you can Erika, who quickly eliminate him or her to their van. It note that Mairu and Kururi also are on the van together, and Mikado requires the proceedings. Kyouhei apologizes in it from the pulling everyone to their clutter. Anri while the anybody else was mislead until it see multiple people away from a motorcycle gang entitled Toramaru just after her or him. Just after time, they are entered from the Celty, who is getting chased from the a great deal more members of the newest biker group, and you can she relays the woman propose to Kyouhei. It at some point find an enthusiastic overpass, where Celty holds the latest Toramaru professionals away from due to the fact Kyouhei and you may Saburo drive the higher schoolers away from the battle, losing him or her out of near an authorities route. Kyouhei’s group pushes back again to help Celty, and you will Anri and you may Mikado including manage back again to make an effort to let, which have Anri contacting out over any one of Saika’s children in the city. She senses Egor regarding wallet Celty was carrying and you can instructions him to assist the lady. If the two of them are available, Ruri Hijiribe, disguised once the good headless knight, also has registered in the strive, and she and you will Egor efficiently overcome the fresh new Toramaru members caught in the Celty’s web.

The complete competition is disturbed of the arrival off Shizuo who incapacitates the kidnappers. Shortly after Shizuo begins chasing Vorona, Kyouhei and also the others query Anri regarding her Katana. Anri was reluctant to tell them a full facts, although others understand and you can take on the girl to have ourtime who she actually is which meets Anri. Anri seems around for Mikado but can’t frequently select him anyplace. She production home, tired, and you may logs about the chatroom. She helps make a touch upon exactly how blank the fresh message board could have been recently and you will logs out of, unacquainted with the change having took place Mikado’s heart.

Anri comes late to help you Masaomi and you will Mikado’s showdown, which have Saki. As the Saki hangs straight back, the 3 family inform you its secrets to each other, if you’re chuckling and you can cheerful. Abruptly, Nasujima seems behind Anri, and you will attempts to stab the lady, however, Mikado leaps in the way, and you will requires the brand new blow instead. It enrages Anri for the trying to assault the girl former teacher, simply for Haruna to help you intercept this lady and you can include Nasujima, which she would disappear that have shortly after they are run over from the Togusa.


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