I found V’s sexuality very hard to identify

The guy pretty much snacks extremely associate in another way and it’s tough to share with should it be only platonic otherwise whether or not there is an appeal indeed there. not, I finally selected my personal opinion. I think V is actually bicurious. Really don’t trust they are completely straight by the at the rear of-the-scenes footage which shows V is actually quite discover and is more than amicable with other professionals; however, I am unable to envision he or she is fully gay. I am frightened so it breakdown is fairly small but I actually try lost getting terms and conditions, he or she is a mystical child.

Ok thus i enjoys other a couple options including I did so having V and you may Suga. The original being Jungkook is entirely straight, definitely a women’s boy. Alternative a couple was bicurious. My personal predominant trust is that Jungkook are upright. This can be for a lot of factors, primary becoming his straight masculinity state-of-the-art. It is not because the he or she is homophobic, but it is since he’s become a mature child, they are turned off lovable Kookie so you’re able to a xxx Jeon Jungkook one really wants to research since masculine and you may horny that you could. In my opinion it’s a hormone matter, I’m not sure. Anyway, let us disperse onto my 2nd principle. Jungkook I feel could possibly get a tiny suffocated utilizing the babying and you may fanservice he gets out-of particular players *coughing cough* Jimin! However, he nevertheless feels an interest to 1, if you don’t a couple of members. To close out; straight however, interested in close men(s).

You may not have seen however, doing something which happen to be usually most gay can make Jungkook feel like their masculinity has been ripped in order to shreds

Jimin is the merely representative I could indeed say is actually homosexual, no concern regarding it. Discover sooo many reasons why In my opinion this, therefore I’ll merely condition some of them. Okay let us need a scenario, whenever Jimin satisfied Tony into the…I am forgetting title, Hustle Lifetime? Jimin immediately warmed to their co-star (although we all remember that that it like is one-sided). The guy shyly linked possession having Tony and you will genuinely believed wet when he had been complimented by their precious Tony. It absolutely was clear one Jimin was sense an appeal in order to Tony. Okay now i just take another user with the world. J-vow. In my opinion Jimin features realised J-vow was homosexual which is the reason why they physically hunt attracted, because it’s something that they share. Yet not, it is noticeable that Jimin aims for men focus and you may is frequently refused once the he could be thus straight-give, boyant and you may wants to show off their abdominal muscles if in case he can so you can make the admirers shout. In my opinion, Jimin ‘s the flirtiest and more than touchy-feels towards the other professionals. They are in addition to certainly maybe not bashful when it comes to fanservice. Such as for instance J-hope, Jimin is likely to ignore the ladies idols until they’re starting. There are many more factors but I believe you earn the fresh point. Disappointed women in end; totally homosexual.

To close out; bicurious or bisexual and you will leaning with the girls

Tell me what you think! Disappointed easily try rambling but I got a lot to say from inside the an initial place. Do you concur otherwise disagree having https://datingrating.net/local-hookup/nanaimo/ one?

I will your investment normal homosexual child stereotype, however, I am not utilizing it adversely right here thus I’m going to score in the future using this. Basically, J-pledge is actually homosexual. At the least I do believe. Their overly (however within the an adverse ways) eager characteristics and normally womanly dancing features contributed me to believe that it. Us fangirls and you may fanboy have been handled so you can an excellent forfeit kiss between J-pledge and you will V not long ago hence provided me with certain suggestion about how gay J-guarantee was. The guy shown no feeling of fear and you may don’t appear whatsoever bothered, In my opinion he also enjoyed they. In my opinion in the event that he had been upright however have seen an excellent satisfaction you to made your exaggerate his fear you saying things like “you should never rush myself!” Or “I don’t must do this!” Rather he just got to the inside. J-promise may feel extremely intimate in person along with other professionals and In my opinion they are happy on the truth fanservice can be obtained. J-guarantee and additionally does both forget ladies idols while they are to or participate in its enjoyable. To conclude; homosexual.


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