What does Gi Jeong See Regarding Their Taste When you look at the People?

Chang Hee’s insecurities is actually a classic exemplory instance of how boys will getting within the a romance, a matter that is rarely discussed

Gi Jeong scares their big date out by informing him how she create courageously choose the brand new severed lead regarding the woman late partner since the an indication of real love! So it irritates Chang Hee, in which he says to Gi Jeong one their ideals off romance do maybe not fall under this period. Nevertheless, Gi Jeong does not bashful of are the woman truthful and intimate worry about. She face the lady employer, Jin You, to own leaving out the woman whenever you are supplying gift offers to everyone from inside the work; he reacts from the stating it absolutely was a subconscious error. More food, Gi Jeong tells your how most men subconsciously overlook their, such as he performed. Jin U explains that each people have a unique good for romance and this she has not came across a person who is the girl greatest method of. He informs Gi Jeong that over mere spontaneity and you can close body language, she investigates the latest core of a guy and values his noble emotions to your life. Jin U’s wisdom generate Gi Jeong think through the lady tastes inside males. As a token out-of apology, Jin You offers this lady 10 gift savings in addition to one or two end up being close friends.

Gi Jeong has long been disappointed together seems and you may identifies to behave tangible to solve it. She would go to a beauty representative to relieve the girl body, just who turns out to be this lady college pal Gyeong Seon which is also Tae Hoon’s elder sister. If a few simply take products from the Gyeong Seon’s loved ones cafe, she match having Tae Hoon. Despite their earlier shameful come across, Gi Jeong begins seeing Tae Hoon for the a unique light. She offers your one of his true gift offers because the an apology. Gi Jeong is remaining up for hours because of the her newfound destination having Tae Hoon, while the she observes him just like the their top guy. No matter if sisters, Gi Jeong and you may Mi Jeong not simply lookup various other plus has actually other characters. If you are Mi Jeong was an enthusiastic enigma to any or all, Gi Jeong likes are easy and doesn’t shy out-of saying the woman extreme thoughts. If you are she may sound low on the surface, she actually is an intense person who desires a significant relationships during the this lady lives. Amongst the about three siblings, Gi Jeong’s heart would be the fact of your own protagonist out of a romantic motion picture who is doomed to have a sensational life.

‘My personal Liberation Notes’ Occurrence 4: Finish Said – Which are the Hints In the Mr. Gu’s Past?

Despite breaking Mi Jeong’s cardio, Mr. Gu seems like a guy who only lives incognito for the majority of unfamiliar need. As he looks cool, he selflessly handles the trick out of Mi Jeong’s financial obligation helping brand new Yeom family unit members. He guards Mi Jeong facing hooligans helping the girl father (Yeom Je Ho) through getting their rightful commission back of an uncontrollable consumer. Mr. Gu is ok that have providing high steps (possibly criminal) to aid some body; it shows you this new possible reason for him taking beaten up into the the last bout of “My personal Liberation Notes.” He offers to get Mi Jeong’s cash return playing with force, but she refuses given that she does not want to take significant tips. However, the brand new Yeom nearest and dearest (particularly Mi Jeong) trusts him while some details of his existence seem fishy.

Would Hwan informs the fresh Yeom siblings on what he seen in Gu’s taking patterns. Mr. Gu change his taking condition (in his home) according to what period of the time it’s. He along with possess numerous servings and you may requires turns with every, hinting that he’s answering the latest emptiness of some family (out of their prior). In a number of glimpses off flashback, we come across exactly how Mr. Gu got off from the a train avoid and you may was talking with the a trip which have a keen (unknown) acquaintance if you find yourself a lady yelled regarding the history. Even in the event Chang Hee requires your from the his prior, the guy answers which he got away from at completely wrong prevent. One dog lovers dating site day, if you find yourself employed in the field, Mi Jeong’s cap are blown by the wind around the a connection. Gu instantly offers to assist by the unimaginably leaping over the connection and you will right back! Gu’s jumping design suggests that he may was competed in recreation prior to now, raising our very own interest for the next event.

Immediately following a surprise run into which have Ye Rin close Dangni Route, Gi Jeong understands that Chang Hee was the one who distanced themselves off their! When she face your to possess jeopardizing their matchmaking, Chang Hee blasts away about how precisely ineffective the guy felt with Ye Rin. He may always sense that Ye Rin was upset which have your and you can thought she earned most useful. Which, to help ease themselves about problems of facing the girl, Changes Hee decided to distance themselves. Absolutely nothing really does he be aware that Ye Rin, also, enjoys good attitude for your that will be perhaps not more than your. Boys find it hard to discuss their emotions because comfortably since females manage, causing them to take steps that they after regret. Seeing an effective mans side of the story try an abundant area piece this crisis has the benefit of.


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