Inside the competition, Lasky and you can Halsey are located of the Palmer and so are escorted back on the Infinity’s connection

Back again to the fresh artifact, Halsey received other correspondence throughout the not familiar individual, just who, unknown in order to the lady, is a’s Covenant

Halsey towards the Infinity to examine a precursor artifact recovered from the Fireteam Dark red during the an objective towards the Requiem. The newest artifact had in past times absorbed Dr. Henry Glassman into itself as he tried to investigation it. Halsey concluded that the newest artifact are communing with Infinity’s engines, which are considering Predecessor tech plus one in the world. [26]

A while after, Halsey first started exploring the artifact beneath the supervision out-of Spartan-IV Gabriel Thorne. She next acquired an interacting with each other out of a not known people, who informed her of your Promethean Knights. [27] That it resulted in Fireteam Majestic retrieving a great deal on the Requiem. Abreast of examining they, the container let out an explosion of your energy and you may displayed photo of new Phoenix. Observing Master Thomas Lasky and you can Chief Sarah Palmer discussing worried appears, Halsey encountered the previous, accusing of having identified the fresh Prometheans’ true nature. Lasky accepted that UNSC could have been aware that the fresh Prometheans is old people converted to AIs. Halsey corrects this particular Promethean is comprised of a person who lived in The new Phoenix. Lasky indicated misunderstandings, as these thoughts decided not to has actually received off Earth so you can Requiem. Thorne then out of the blue remaining the area and you may Halsey noticed that the guy was observing an image regarding artifact.

 ‘Mdama after that questioned exactly what she know of Librarian.  Halsey occur to frequent it noisy, ultimately causing Lasky and you will Palmer to become skeptical and discovered this lady secret telecommunications.  Lasky then ordered Palmer to arrest Halsey to own withholding advice.

Halsey ended up being transferred to Lasky’s able space, the woman wrists cuffed. She defended herself, stating that she did not offer any guidance in order to their get in touch with. Exactly as she slammed Palmer, Roland (this new ship’s AI) advised new Captain you to Thorne got identified real time towards the Requiem.

Once are placed in new brig, Roland requested the girl why she withheld the fact.  She responded that with an enthusiastic AI bypass process towards Roland to eliminate and collect just what guidance brand new UNSC had on the Librarian, which is actually her very own works, cut getting good debriefing from John-117, exactly who she apparently believed dry following the The Phoenix Event. She after that got into telecommunications which have ‘Mdama, providing the woman help find the Librarian. not, Roland then were able to defeat the brand new bypass and you may slice the telecommunications and you can summoned safety. Master Lasky then encountered Dr. Halsey and you will planned to put the lady when you look at the cryo, but she slaps him about deal with, accusing the brand new Head away from withholding the real truth about John-117’s success.  Following out of the blue, Promethean Knights started initially to teleport through the artifact on the Infinity.

Six months pursuing the New Phoenix Event, the fresh new UNSC Aladdin transported Dr

A little while after arrival, she matches with ber. Once handling so you can deactivate the new secure which, predicated on the woman, called for a beneficial ‘more human touch’, she incurs new beam which includes designed about Librarian’s artifact and you can disappears. During this period, yet not, Osman, once the the fresh new lead from ONI, enjoys ordered Lasky getting Halsey eliminated is always to she actually feel discover againmander Sarah Palmer after that assigns by herself the job from removing Halsey, much so you’re able to Lasky’s protest.

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Whenever Halsey entered brand new Shrine, she emerged face to face into The new Librarian. The new Librarian talked how Requiem’s go out is arriving at a keen stop, as well as how Halsey have to deal with the lady gift so Humanity stays on the the road so you can reclaiming this new Mantle. New provide Halsey received are called the Janus Key, an enthusiastic artifact that has been, actually, a map and therefore displayed each piece of Predecessor technical on universe, plus all of the Halo installation towns and cities also undetectable Predecessor technology which could push Mankind towards the a special stage from technological supremacy. Although not, when Halsey approved the new gift, she premiered back into a’s handbags in which he alleviated Halsey of a single bit of an important, not recognizing she encountered the second. In the future, Thorne got attained entry toward Shrine and assassinated certainly one of ‘Mdama’s bodyguards while using Gek’s cloaking unit. Halsey easily threw the following bit of the key to Thorne just as Sarah Palmer arrives. Startled, ‘Mdama summons brand new Promethean Knights to guard your, and you may Palmer attempts to assassinate Halsey but quite simply attacks the lady neck which have ‘Mdama escaping by using an effective Promethean Knight with Halsey as the his hostage. An upset Frontrunner Palmer needs to know what Majestic try creating truth be told there, of course, if told their objective, she issues as to why they might save your self a beneficial traitor, that Thorne tries to changes this lady advice of the claiming as to why Halsey had tossed him an important if she was presumably working having ‘Mdama.

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