I am putting together my family tree and guarantee as possible submit particular labels and you may relationships

Dear Eilat, Thank you for the email from you about Leon Rubin that you sent me in April. Since then I have been in contact with Leon and we have established our kinship. I am the great granddaughter of Leah and Nachum Rosen.:Nachum and Lazar were brothers. Nachum had 8 children. There are 149 descendants. Evalyn Krown USA –


Dear Eilat, Hope all is well. We are currently examining different proposals for putting up a proper fence around the Dolhinov Jewish Cemetery. Our concern is that it should be solid strong and last for many many years.I hope that very soon we will be able to sign a contract for the execution of the work.We have obtained already the necessary permission from the local authorities.After putting up the fence we intend to put up two Headstones on two mass graves (WE FOUND A SECOND MASS GRAVE). We are still a little short of the estimated costs necessary. Please, put on your Dolhinov website the Updated list of donors attached to this message. I will keep you informed of the progress of the Project. Thank you very much for your kindness and cooperation. Best wishes to all your family. Sincerely yours Leon Rubin RUBIN LEON < > –

Bessie Benenson 1921 twenty four 8

Subj: [belarus] RE:Where is Strez and Ekaterinoslaw. Date: 6/ PM Pacific Daylight Date Out-of: (Touger, Jerry) To: (Belarus SIG) Ekaterinoslav is within the Ukraine, maybe not inside Belarus. A lot of us indeed have found ancestors whom first moved off Belarus to Ekaterinoslav just before fundamentally emigrating regarding Russian Empire. This was a sufficiently recurrent pattern one to on Nyc meeting couple of years in the past i began putting new Ekaterinoslav City Look Classification (that you can sign-up from the Jewishgen webpage.) During the time, Ukraine SIG had not yet already been situated. It could today pay dividends on how to getting examining Ukraine SIG also.

riwke beneson (rifka) was my personal grandmother. She found its way to 1908, accompanied by my dad (efraim), sis risa (esther), and you can buddy owsey (sam).

because you say that benensons are from the latest borisov part, i agree that new strez on the manifest are storozhische — tunes good to me personally!

Aron Benenson Nyc 1921 8 2. Beila Benenson Borisov, Russia 1923 59 step 3. Benjamin Benenson 1912 33 cuatro. Benjamin Benenson New york city 1924 49 5. Ber Benenson Ekaterinoslaw 1906 twenty four 6. Bessie Benenson London 1900 20 seven. Chaia Benenson Borisaw, Russia 1913 23 9. Chaie-Aching Benenson Borisov, Russia 1922 60 LGBT dating site ten. Chane Rachel Benenson Kuemenzuk 1900 54 11. David Benenson Bonsom, Russia 1912 23 a dozen. David Benenson 1921 38 13. Dviora Benenson Krementschug, Russia 1924 67 fourteen. Efraim Benenson Strez, Russia 1908 5 15. Elje Benenson Sczedrin, Russia 1910 twelve sixteen. Etel Benenson Russia 1914 17 17. Feige Benenson Sczedrin, Russia 1910 10 18. Fera Benenson London, The united kingdomt 1919 twenty two 19. Fira Benenson Paris, France 1921 twenty-two 20.

Fiza Benenson Nyc, Nyc 1921 23 21. Frances Benenson 1912 twenty four twenty two. Frances Benenson Nyc 1924 thirty six 23. Gersch Benenson Borissof, Russia 1909 fourteen twenty four. Gregory Benenson Ny, Nyc 1921 60 twenty-five. Gregory Benenson London, The united kingdomt 1924 64 twenty six. Grigori Benenson London area, The united kingdomt 1920 61 twenty seven. Jacob Benenson London 1902 24 twenty-eight. Jacob Benenson Nyc, Letter. Y. 1922 thirty-five 30. Jittle Benenson Borisow, Russia 1913 16 30. Jossel Benenson Borissof, Minsk 1909 57 29. Leiba Benenson Borisov, Russia 1923 several thirty-two. Mase Benenson London 1900 11 33. Moische Benenson 1902 20 34. Nettie Benenson New york city 1924 39 thirty-five. Owsey Benenson Strez, Russia 1908 nine thirty six. Passia Benenson New york 1921 30 37. Risa Benenson Strez, Russia 1908 7 39.

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