Jesus had withdrawn their security and you will welcome the fresh djnun to create their discipline­ ments

It absolutely was of little advantages whether they were Moslem or Jewish: all of that mat­ tered is the art of, and you may powers related to, men and women healers who were thought to be blessed that have divine motivation

parece but is an indication of God’s displeasure. The people believed on their own susceptible to sinister, omnipresent pushes that had to-be placated to avoid diseases otherwise to feeling a cure. Fear of the new djnun try the principal cause for guaranteeing cleanli­ ness into the household and admiration towards the routine criteria getting washing, tidy up, preparing food and you can whitewashing houses. Mardh guys taht idehum, health problems out of around its (djnun’s) give, was in fact the results of your revenge otherwise malevolence of your djnun, and you can provided snakebites, scorpion stings and you may accidents. This new terrible health problems was in fact people due to Goodness Himself, new mordh Allah: trials and sufferings that have been proof of an excellent vi­ olation regarding divine law. Epidemics were believed to be considering non-observation because of the ladies out-of ritual love, by shamelessness, adultery, prostitution, by violation of Sabbath and reli­ gious proscriptions. Drought and flooding was in fact likewise attrib­ uted in order to person inadequacy as to the fresh divine acquisition. A complete arsenal out of stop-means and you will methods considering professional­ tection up against the djnun together with evil eyes. The fresh new shape five are sensed good sovereign solution while the count is tucked incongruously towards the one talk, into the wonder of unini­ tiated listener. Good-chance appeal in the form of a hands or a fish were coated on the exteriors and you may rooms out-of properties. The new extent that these may rise above the crowd are have a tendency to a good good sign of level of social development of a certain community. “Preventive drug” for the North African common habit grabbed the form of talismans obtained from a great marabout otherwise a good rabbi; aforementioned, being rarer, had been believed on sight of the Moslems to have deeper worthy of.

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Every type regarding talisman was considered to be in the­ vested which have special efforts-one contrary to the evil eyes, one up against curses, various other against djnun, those that was indeed supposed to be ef­

fective up against Jesus-inflicted ailments, against scorpions or any other dreadful evils. Garlic is actually thought to keeps special professional­ tective and you may therapeutic vitality more often than not, and you will is perhaps inside the­ termediate ranging from a talisman and you may a well-known organic option. Whenever pious routine, secret formulae as well as more were unsuccessful, recourse try had to healers, sorcerers, and you will luck-tellers. Those in look out of remedies flocked exactly the same in order to marabout, dervish blackcupid, f’quih, oulis, muadeb, rabbis and you will refafas. Particular perform look at the wonders child five or half dozen times an effective day in order that he could foil the fresh new procedures of your evil attention. Moslems and also Christians visited the new Jewish fix­ ers on mellah, also it was not unusual to listen to regarding Jews and work out a good pilgrimage to Lourdes finding a remedy. This situation for each and every­ sisted down seriously to modern times, and you can wonders guys were scam­ sulted when physicians had were unsuccessful. Well-known drug was a mystical mixture of old-fashioned anyone rem­ edies based on vegetation-olive oil are most widely used inside the cures- and the most unlikely magic cures. To possess sunstroke, such as, the newest roasted direct out of a goat was utilized, fiery-hot, into the patient’s head to the compatible secret ritual. Paralysis are healed by thrusting the in-patient on the nonetheless-steaming stomach from a freshly slaughtered ox. Ringworm are thought to be a proof of intelli­ gence. Pascal Saisset thought that every youngsters regarding mellah off Amizmiz from inside the Morocco was in fact putting on limits on the brains-right until he found that this is new ringworm which had give everywhere the scalps. Magic got its natural life: for this reason, in the event that reason behind a disease wasn’t identified, brand new stairways or the passage resulting in the latest sickroom try sparkling and also the patient received to drink the water which had come cautiously mopped up. Brand new djnun or even the person who got shed the fresh new worst vision have been considered have left


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